Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Creative Mess, snacks and WOYWW

This has been my snack of choice for the last couple of weeks.
When Kristy saw me with these she asked me "What are you mom…6".
She is one to talk, her and I have been eating Fruit Loops for breakfast, for the last couple of months, lol.

I got to play a bit today.
Look how nice and clean my desk it :)
I started on my challenge card for this month.

Didn't take long for my desk to be full and chaotic….well chaotic to the uncreative ;)
I will link this post to WOYWW (Whats on your work desk Wednesday)

Remember yesterday's post (LINK) about my  Smash book looking more like scrapbooking then smash booking.
Well here are the pages that I did that are more like Smashbooking. I added some hotel card keys, business card, envelope from the hotel.

On this page I added a coaster from Red Lobster, another card key envelope that I decorated up and store names from the receipts or pamphlets.
I still like my pages that look more like scrapbook pages though.

I tried a new recipe tonight.
It was so easy, mix everything up and then don't worry about it while it cooks… kind of cooking :)
Under all this cheese is tortellini, tomatoes and sauce…and a bit more…but here is the link to the recipe if you want it. LINK

I still haven't finished my card for this month. It will be completed tomorrow :)
I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Didn't take long for you to get that tidy desk all messed up. Can hardly wait to see your card.

  2. Your desk is all ready for you to create on!! Love your smash pages!

  3. Hi Tracey, I like the change in your desk, it means your creating and having fun, Cheers and have a great week RobynO#38

  4. Lol Tracey, I regularly have cheese and crackers for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! Your smashbook is looking fantastic.

  5. Hi 6 year old sorry that just made me laugh. Your smash book looks great and so does your dinner yum yum. :)

  6. love seeing all the different things you are working on! ill have to try that recipe too. sound like something my family would love.

  7. Your smash is looking good. The tortellini look yummy

  8. I wondered what crafty people did with a a smash book, it sounds like and old fashioned scrap book lol. Great pages though. Looking forward to seeing your card and great looking supper. off to check it out.TFS.

  9. Glad you had some time to create, Tracy! That's my kind of dinner, minimal hands on! :)

  10. I have yet to try Smashing...but it does kind of intrigue me. I love your pages! And that dinner look yummy!

  11. Hahaha, I always have goldfish with either sliced strawberries or grapes for a snack. So I with you on the 6 year old thing. But snacks aren't just for kids!

    I love your Smash pages. I really like the coaster - that cookie ice cream thing looks amazing!

    I'm going to check out that recipe now. Your post is killing me today, its only 11:40 and I already ate lunch! I'm so hungry today!

  12. I love those cheese crackers :) I knew when I saw that picture of your desk it wouldn't take long for you to mess it up. Lol! That dinner looks yummy!! How many videos did you watch while you cooked it?? I like your smashbook too :)

  13. Wonderful pages and your supper looks so yummy. TFS

  14. Your desk is so neat and organized! Great pages as well :)


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