Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 2 in Lynne's Craft Room.

Working on Lynne's room again today.
Lynne got a head start on me as I had to wait around home for my replacement dinning table to be delivered.
Then I had to run and get some groceries.
When I got to Lynne's, she already had her Big Shot, embossing folders and dies all organized.
See everything is all together :)

We also added some of her "Projects in Progress" bins in the bookcase below.
These may be moved…but so far, they are fine where they are.
As you can see the wall of this room isn't finished.
Which is fine as it is easier to see the studs (and wires) when I attach her giant peg boards.

We decided to get into the paper today :)
Here is some card stock that needed to be put in her paper files (I shared that in Yesterday's post)
There are some scraps in this pile as well.

Above the card stock file drawer, she has this narrow drawer that is perfect for strips of paper and enough room at the back for scraps :)
It is the top right drawer of her desk, so she can get into the habit of reaching for scraps before cutting into a brand new sheet of card stock.

Lynne stores her pattern paper in this large book case  below her stamps.
It doesn't look that bad, but we tweaked it.

Lynne already had her wooden stamps all nice and organized.
Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, Lynne was a Stampin' Up demonstrator, so her stamps had to be organized and ready for the next class.
If you look closely you can see that she had them all in alphabetical order….she is as anal as I am, teehee.

Here is that large bookcase totally organized.
We went through every single piece of pattern paper she owned and she is giving a nice amount to a young crafty girl she knows.  I'll tell you, she is going to make that young lady very happy :)
We organized her paper by colour, seasonal/themed paper in its own container.
As you can see, in the thin white storage case to the right of the book case is where Lynne is storing her red rubber stamps and some idea books.

We are taking a break tomorrow as Lynne is busy.
I'm thinking it is time for me to either take care of my craft room, or make a few projects…..hmmm, I wonder which will win out ;)
I did actually come home from Lynne's today and did a bit of organizing in my own room, so maybe tomorrow will be dedicated to creating ;)

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like you are moving along nicely with Lynne's reorganization. You can come and help me next!

  2. It is looking good. Aren't you having fun:):) ~love oragnizing like that!

  3. So far everything is looking good

  4. Looks good, Alphabetically stored stamps are a great idea, but I can't remember most of the names so I would still search. lol. I hope you get to create today.

  5. You are both doing a good job. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Looks like more great progress was made, Tracy! Hope you get a chance to be creative! :)

  7. I love seeing the progress in Lynne's room. It's looking great!! Are you completely reorganizing your room, or just cleaning it up a bit? I reorganized mine a couple of weeks ago and am now waiting for a free/warm weekend to paint!!

  8. You guys made amazing progress! Looks awesome!

  9. This room is looking great! I really like the paper strips/scrap storage. Its great to have it so close so they are easy to access and use!

  10. Love all the organizing! Fabulous ideas too!

  11. The daily progress is great to see. And the drawer for the scraps is great with it being so easy to get to!


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