Friday, March 7, 2014

Deers and dinner

Wayne took the day off today :)
We had a few errands to do but also enjoyed our day together.
We went for a drive to Mission Island to see if we could see some deer.
There were about 20 deer.
And they were happy to see us and came right up to the window….until they realized we didn't bring them any treats.

Look at this little one :)
He is such a little cutie.
This one came right up to our window.
After checking out the deer, we went for an early lunch to Montanas.
Wayne wanted the 5 cheese spinach dip for an appetizer and I wanted the deep fried pickles.
So we compromised and got them both, lol.
I really wish I had some of the deep fried pickles right now, yum.

We each ordered a sandwich.
I got pulled pork and Wayne got beef brisket.
Because we ordered 2 appetizers, we ended up bringing most of our lunch home and had it for dinner.
Well he had it for dinner, I had some kraft dinner.
Later in the afternoon I had an appointment with a specialist as I have a mole (or 2) on my back that has been bothering me and decided to finally get them removed.
As the doctor was taking care of the moles I wanted removed, he found a few other things to zap, lol.
I think he was having a blast back there.
I think he zapped about 10 different things, lol.
No worries they are nothing to worry about.
I will just be braless for a couple of days……guess I'll be staying at home this weekend, lol

I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh you do make me chuckle. You have had quite a day. The deers are just so adorable, I want to cuddle them lol :)

  2. Love reading your stories everyday

  3. What a lovely day you had with the exception of the appointment and zapping. Beautiful pictures of the deer. it must have been awesome having them so close. (just wear a big fleece sweatshirt, no one will notice)

  4. Fabulous photos of the deer up close! Sounds like you had a nice outing.

  5. That little guy is definitely a cutie and love me some fried pickles, too! Glad that your appointment went well, Tracy and hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. Cute deer! Glad you had your skin taken care of! Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Cute photos and deer! We saw some recently at the local nature reserve and got closer than we ever have to them. But not that close! :)
    I really need to get a skin check by a dermatologist soon.

  8. Your Deer are so beautiful, I love it when they come around. Sometimes they walk right by my living room window :)
    Your dinner looks awesome! I haven't had deep fried pickles in ages--now craving, lol
    Hope all is well with your back. Take care :)

  9. You have made me feel so hungry! Food looks delicious! Hope your back is recovering! and don't us women dream of going braless! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Lol... A braless weekend sounds awesome! We have 3 deer that have been wandering in our yard. It is always a thrill to see them!

  11. Oh my gosh! Those deer are awesome, I love that you were able to get such close up pictures!

    And your lunch looks delicious too!

    That happened to me once with the dermatologist. I'd gotten burnt (spilled tea all down my shirt at work), so I was told I had to use this cream and couldn't wear a bra for at least 24 I called work and told them I wasn't coming back that day bc I refused to go to work bra-less!


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