Monday, March 10, 2014

Helping a Friend with her Scrappy Room

My friend Lynne needed a bit of help with her scrapbooking room.
Actually this wasn't a room all to herself (as many of you can relate to)
She shared it with her son and his friends when they played video games.
She shared it with the exercise equipment.
She shared it with all of her family's trophies, books and collectables.
It was also a place for all the things they didn't know what to do with.

Well Lynne finally decided enough is enough and (with a bit of encouragement) is taking the room over for herself….Good for you my friend.
She asked for my help and I was happy to oblige ;)
This is going to take awhile, but I am sure will be well worth it.
I told her we need to take a before photo.
So she is hiding her face in shame (her words not mine, lol)

I told her, the first place we need to start with is the desk.
We all know when your desk is clean, we are more inspired to create.
Plus a cleaned off desk is a great place to organize other supplies as you go along in your process.
Another tip…don't leave the room until your desk is cleaned off when organizing. It is always nice to come into a room with a clean desk.

I suggested to keep "like with like" for her supplies.
Keep all of your inks together, your stamping supplies together, your stamps, your punches together.
You get the idea ;)
So we organized all of her inks by colour.
Lynne uses her inks a lot so we kept them close at hand.
She has a great desk with lots of drawers :)

We have her punches that lay flat on the shelf above her desk.
But put these punches in one of her drawers.
She is going to hang her punches up like I have mine, but we need to put up her peg board first.

We kept all of her inking, embossing and colouring pencils together.
I like this cutlery try to keep all of these supplies separated, but still all together.

This is one of her drawers from the other side of the desk.
She already had her papers sorted in here. I just love her paper drawer…so much prettiness :)
Each file folder has a tab on it with the colours of each paper.
Lynne was a Stampin' Up demonstrator, so she has a lot of card stock :)

I think we got a lot completed considering we only worked on her room for 2 hours.
The rest of the day, I made my mom's Sweet & Sour Spareribs..sooooo good.

I have quite a bit to do tomorrow, but am hoping to get over to my friend Lynne's and continue the scrapbook room organization.
Why is it so much more fun to organize someone else's room then my own?

I hope you all had a very creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. OMG I love her picture, awesome. We've all been there and it will be great. I feel more creative now that my room is done. Nice of you to help.

  2. she is lucky to have such good help. It will be amazing:):)

  3. You and Lynn did an awesome job with her creating space. Product can really take over an area. It doesn't helps he has been sharing her space! You are a great friend to be helping her out!

  4. You're a wonderful friend for helping Lynn organize her craft space, can't wait to see more!

  5. Lynn, first off no shame. We have those rooms, drawers, closets something that is the dont know where to put it room. I personally have told Tracy I am a professional Sh#t shifter! Lol I move "stuff" from one room to another on a daily basis.
    My messy room is terrible but I know one day it will be done. Hope it is soon.
    Great job ladies. Love it so far
    HUGS, Phillane

  6. When i am back i will volunterr to come play
    err I um mean WORK
    something about organizing scrap goods makes me happy

    as well I am at Ikeas this week -
    if I can get it in my suit case -
    I will bring it back if you need!!!!
    Anything for " Lynner"

    have been looking at your blog but for some reason i can not add comments from my ipad ... ;(

    talk to you soon friend .

  7. You are a good friend, can't wait to see more. :)

  8. Great job ladies! I've just done the same with my "put it somewhere" spare room/craft room about a month ago, and it took me two weeks to get rid of the stuff, so I am amazed you managed in just two hours!
    And one thing caught my eye - the wall behind her desk. I can see the space between the beams of the ?drywall? - I'd hate to have them as such, as for me myself small things/paper scraps would fall off and into the hole. But then, with some little shelves/rods put in between that may make a great little shelf. Anyways, good luck and share more pictures soon!

  9. She is lucky to have a friend like you!

  10. how fun that you were able to help your friend organzie scrap supplies!!

  11. Already it is looking great. what a fabulous friend you are. I think your ideas are great and I'm paying attention. Supper looks yummy

  12. Looks like you ladies got a lot done in 2 short hours, can't wait to see how it progresses! :)

  13. I love to spread the scrappy organization love! You DID get a lot accomplished. And you are making me hungry with the spareribs. Looks yummy! :)

  14. I've never organized someone else's room. It is looking great! She will love walking in to that clean desk!!

  15. Oh man! This post was so perfectly timed. I am organizing my room this week, and I had no idea where to start! I do wish I had a friend like you to help me organize - it would be so much more fun!

  16. You're so sweet for helping Lynn organize! The room looks so neat and pretty~great job to both of you! :)

  17. You guys did a great job! I can't believe you were able to go home and cook afterwards.

  18. You can come and do my craft room if you want!!! Great job :-)

  19. lol. You can come do my room. Its almost there but I'm done organizing for now. I just want to create. But if YOU want to come to sunny Southern California, I'd be more than happy to let you play!

  20. I don't have any space, but I do have a lot of stuff that I would love somebody to help me organize. Lynne is one lucky lady!!!

  21. Wow your so good at organising Tracy, off to catch up on the rest of your posts and see what else you've done.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy xxx


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