Tuesday, March 4, 2014

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day!
Did you have pancakes today?
We did :)
Ashley even came over for supper.
Can you see the heart in this pancake…I can find hearts in so many things :)

This is how I enjoy my pancakes.
They are more like a dessert than a supper ;)
I like thin Finn or German pancakes, I put the blueberries that I picked at our camp, then I roll it up, add some syrup and whip cream ;)

My friend Lynne suggested we all go to a movie.
She wanted to go to a chick flick….I am not really into those types of movies (even though I would have gone no matter what we saw), so we decided to go to 3 Days to Kill.
I thought it was a great movie. I'd watch it again.

Of course I had to get our photo in front of the movie poster…which you really can't see.
I am busting a gut looking at Sharon's face LMAO.

I like that Lynne is finger shooting me in the head in every photo, lol
And Denise is just looking her curtsey self as always. She looks innocent…doesn't she ;)

I only had one pancake for supper and the photo of the poutine was looking so good.
But by the time I got less than half way done, I was so over it.

Today was a pretty awesome ordinary day.
I was wondering how do you prefer your pancakes.
Do you like the thin Finn/German pancakes or the thick fluffy type?

Hope you all had a very creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Pancakes at our house too. The fat, fluffy kind!

  2. We all had pancake we like the thick ones with lemon sugar and strawberry yummy! Glad you enjoy your movie :)

  3. I think I would have to say that I like any and all types of pancakes! Your's looks super yummy! Now that you've made me so hungry I will have to go find some breakfast! :o)

  4. I like the thick and fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup.

  5. i did not know about pancake day! i totally love pancakes!! sorry i missed it.
    looks like you girls had a fun time!

  6. Totally missed pancake day. :( May have to make them later this week instead. I'm all for having breakfast for dinner. :)

  7. It does indeed sounds like you had an awesome day, Tracy! The hubs doesn't like fluffy pancakes, so we make crepes a lot here. :)

  8. Sounds like you had a great day!! the pancake or crepe' with blueberries looks yummy. We had Latkes, I am not fond of using grated potatoes so I put my raw potatoes, onion, an egg and some flour in the food processor,. they look like regular pancakes. Hubby puts ketchup on his and I use sour cream (it's the German way)

  9. What a great day :) cute pictures too Lol! I've never had Finn or German pancakes, but I have had crepes, are they similar?

  10. How fun to go to the movies! It looks like you had a great time!

    We didn't have pancakes yesterday. I don't really like them so much, but I love waffles with lots and lots of syrup. Or plain. Or with butter. Or with anything at all. I just really love waffles! We have them almost every Thursday night, because I have a Weight Watchers meeting and AJ had his bowling league, so we don't eat until very very late!

    I've never heard of German pancakes though, just like Becky. Are they like crepes? Because if they are, I'm sure I'll love them with Nutella!

  11. I did not know that!
    We are probably having pancakes tonight though.
    My daughter loves pancakes!! So we eat them at least twice a week. Once for breakfast and once for dinner :)

  12. I like thin pancakes with lots of butter....but what I like even better is a scruffy Kevin Costner kicking some butt in an action movie (with lots of butter)

  13. Pancakes - yummy! I love raisins and lemon juicea nd a sprinkling of icing sugar! Glad you enjoyed the movie! TFS


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