Saturday, March 15, 2014

Organizing my Journal cards by Colour

I was planning on working on my p365.
P365 is when I take a photo every day and then journal about the day or the photo.
I am a bit behind…like over a month behind, lol.

But instead of working on that, I decided to re-organize my journal cards.
I don't do project life, I have never purchased any cards for PL, but a couple of good friends (Becky and Katie) have sent me some.
I seem to organize everything by colour, so figured I should organize my journal cards by colour as well.
So that is what I did :)

I also tore all the journal cards out of their packs.
Some of them had an extra strip for displaying them in the store. So I cut them off.
I figured they will be easier to grab if I don't have to flip through a booklet.

I then made some dividers to separate the journal cards by colour.
I used my envelope board punch to make the dividers out of my recipe/index cards.
Once I cut the divot out of the centre, I then sliced one end off.

I then used my label maker to label the colours.
I actually used the backs of the index cards.

I then worked on the bigger journal cards.
These dividers I had on hand. Again I just labeled the colours with my label maker.

Here they are all together in my journal/tag tray.
Here is a link of am older post, if you want to see the whole Tray, there is even a video for more detail.

Wayne and I have been enjoying our day watching movies, me organizing and doing a couple pages in my Smash book and eating a few treats ;)
This is how I love to eat tacos and salsa.
I like a bit of both on a chip, but I don't like them mixed up together :)

I told you I would share with you my table story, so here it is.
I got my replacement table delivered the other day.
The delivery guys set it up for us.
I noticed a light scratch in the table and it looked like there was some residue on it as well.
Like when you put down tape and lift it up and littles bits are left behind. But this was under the finish, I tried rubbing it off, but no luck.
It isn't noticeable….unless you are anal like me or I point it out.
Yes I was a bit upset…..but then got a bit ticked because of this conversation I had with the delivery guy.

Me: I see a few flaws on this table as well :(
Guy: This is the part of my job that I don't like.
Me: I'm sorry, I know its not your problem. I will phone the store and discuss it with them.
Guy: Well, you know you can't take it with you.
Me: You have a point, but while I am alive, I want to enjoy what I do have.
Guy: I guess its just me, but I appreciate what I have.
Me: I appreciate what I have as well.
My husband and I have worked hard all of our lives. I would think when we buy something, we could get what we pay for.
If I wanted something flawed, I would have bought a used table.

I was not impressed at all.
I wasn't rude in my answers (as I know it is hard to tell in print). But I was to the point.
I didn't complain to the company about him. I figured why get the guy in trouble for one bad day.
But I was fuming I'll tell you.
Then I started to double think my reaction. As I always wonder if I took it the wrong way.  But I have mentioned to this to a few of my friends, and they thought I had every right to feel the way I did.

Now onto something more fun.
I got to actually create today.
I did a couple of pages in my Smash book.
I will share those another day though.

Hope you all have a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Loving your organization! makes me wanna go and start working on my room...but ohhhh when I walk in there, I change my mind really quick! lol

  2. Your tags look great all organized and tidy. I think your delivery driver was so rude to say that to you, I would ring the company and tell them, enjoy your new table. :)

  3. Love your organization. I think I would have refused the delivery of that table and then call the store and tell them to refund me my money

  4. I'm sure if I was as organized as you are I would never craft. That delivery guy was bordering on rude. Good for you standing up for yourself. it wasn't his money that paid for it. Hope you get satisfaction from the store.

  5. Your cards look great, Tracy! Do you ever post your P365 pages? I don't know anyone else that does a photo a day so I'm curious as to what you do.
    Sorry about the table ordeal, reading your conversation with the delivery guy, I want to believe he was just trying to find a silver lining. :)

    1. Tracy, thanks for linking me up to those videos! Your album looked terrific and I hope you have a chance to share this year's pages! :)

  6. Okay, so even the way you eat your taco dip is organized. Lol! Great organization post!!! I'm so sorry about the table, and the delivery guy :(

  7. Wow you have a lot of cards. But so well organized. And ya, that guy was super rude. Talk about judging.

  8. Forever organising! Love how you did the dividers! TFS

  9. Um, you have every single right to feel how you did about the table! I would have been SO MAD! In fact, I'm so mad right now for you!!!

    But I do love the way you organized your cards.

    Ugh, but so mad at the delivery guy - how rude!

  10. How rude was that guy???? People amaze me sometimes. But I do love how you organized your cards. Love the dividers. :)

  11. Good for you, because I would have reported him. Your feelings were totally justified and I would have wanted to send the table back as well. You deserve to have what you paid for!


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