Saturday, March 8, 2014

Organizing our Paperwork

My plan for today was to go through the thousands of papers we have, organize them and then work on my Smash book, all while Wayne and I watch some movies.
Well it didn't quite go that way, lol.

I did go through most of our papers, but still more to tackle.
If you know me than you know I am a list maker and a documenter.
I got Ashley to make me this bill tracker a few years ago.

She made it on her computer in some program. She added the months and lines on it.
I added the bill's names with my label maker.
Yes they are in alphabetical order ;)

I also worked on my Christmas card list for next year.
I usually have about 40 cards that I make to give out, but I am scaling it way back this year.
There are many relatives or friends that don't give out cards, but I still send them a card. So this Christmas I am cutting back on who gets a Christmas card.

I have a Christmas Card tracker book, but the book is full.
So I had photocopied the last page (as it was blank) and added the years (as the book is so old it had 19__) with my label maker…man, I love my label maker ;)
I copied it so the lists are on both sides of the paper.
I added everyone's address's so I will be all ready for this year :)
I think if you click on the photo it may enlarge it.

So that was as creative as I got today.
Our paper shredder was working overtime today,
I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh yeah I need to do that organizing the paperwork thing too. Hey I wonder if you follow my link from FB when I post my next blog post if it will get you in? So weird that it won't! I know at least some people can see it. Maybe. Then again, maybe that would be why I'm not getting very many comments! :-)

  2. I like to be organized too. If anything ever haens to me Curtis would be so lost with all this kind of stuff!

  3. I love organising, all my bills and stuff are all filed etc, I have a book with all my outgoings etc. I have my christmas list stored on my computer but every year I tweak it and add or delete sombody. Doesn't it feel good to be organised.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Super organizing, great templates too. My Christmas card list is getting smaller too. I think I'm down to 20 except when we have a one on one swap then it more than doubles. My bills are organized but my craft room is not. I need another room to put it in while I organize but the house isn't that big. Have a super Sunday.

  5. It's always good to have a sort out of paper work - otherwise we just seem to keep years and years of stuff that we don't really need. Love the idea of the Christmas card list!

  6. Great way to stay organized!

  7. Well you have been busy. It does feel good to be organized. :)

  8. I like your bill tracker:). For years I had a monthly calendar that I used to keep track of the bills, but now I use a different system. I know what you mean about the Christmas cards. It kind of makes me sad. I still like to send them out.

  9. Thank you for comment on my youtube. I do also have a blog if you like to visit. It´s on Norwegian, but it´s possible to translate on the page.
    Have a sweet sunday!
    Love Kreatyra <3

  10. The bill tracker is a great idea :) It feels great when you're organized, doesn't it?

  11. Wow Tracy! You are so good! I haven't even thought of my Christmas cards yet. I haven't even done my "new address" cards yet and we've been there almost a month!

    The bill tracker is very cool though. I think AJ has something similar on Excel. I should ask him, since that's probably something I should know...


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