Sunday, March 16, 2014

Painting the Kitchen…its about time.

After 20 yrs of living in our home, we have finally painted our kitchen.
When we bought our home in July of 1994, it was brand spanking new.
So we didn't need to do anything to the inside of the house.
But over the years we have painted all the rooms…some of them twice.
Except for our kitchen.

We have this nook in the kitchen where our kitchen table is.
I did add this leaf stencil and then added some strawberries amongst the leaves…probably 10 -15 years ago.
My dad made me the shelf and I made the birdhouses and the heart wreath with the hummingbirds inside of it.

On the left side of the table I have these frames with Wayne's photos that he took out at our cottage.
I let the girls decorate the light switches, lol.
Here are some paint chips I was thinking of painting the kitchen, but I thought they were to dark.

To the right of the table, another frame hanger with more photos of the cottage flowers.

Bye, bye cottage stenciled have served your purpose well ;)

All done :)
I am going to frame a few Ashley's photography pieces up.
She has some awesome photos that will go great in here.
Next up….(hopefully) new flooring :)

My friend Lynne was coming over tomorrow morning to help me paint my kitchen, but Wayne said he was bored, so we did it today.
When I told Lynne, she sounded a bit disappointed, but then told me we are going to tackle my dungeon.
What I refer to as my dungeon is a small storage room behind our basement bathroom.
It used to be uber organized, but now, it is knee deep in stuff.
Lynne may change her mind once she gets here, as she has never seen my dungeon, lol.

Ok I just watched this episode of The Walking Dead.  I think I swore a few times I was so shocked at what happened.
If you haven't watched it yet…do not leave the room…not even for a second!
I always rewatch this weeks episode, but I am going to focus my full attention to it again, wow.

I hope you all have a creative Walking Dead Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Haha the good ole days of stencil. Your new paint looks fresh! Looking good!

  2. It looks lovely...Grey is so popular right now. Out here people sometimes combine it with a pale gold...just a few shades past ivory.
    Glamout has done that and it looks nice. Her grey is like and elegant. Your daughters photos are going to look fab in here!

  3. I love the colour it looks great, can't wait to see the photos you put up. Good luck in the dungeon today. :)

  4. Love the color you used Not too light and not too dark.

  5. how fun decorating your kitchen!
    can't wait to see some of the framed photographs! very cool idea!

  6. It's gotta feel nice to have another project tackled, looks great, Tracy! I'll be watching WD today, but read it is *the* episode to watch! :)

    1. I don't want to write anything that may spoil it for someone else, but yeah, a wee bit of a shocker. Not that we didn't know Lizzie was confused, but wow! I suspect we're in for a pretty big cliffhanger as the season finale draws near. :O

  7. The paint job is great, my kitchen needs an overhaul too. Afer a roof and furnace the kitchen redo needs to wait. Looking forward to seeing the framed pictures too.

  8. Your kitchen looks great! Waiting to see what prints of Ashley's go up on the wall.

  9. Don't you just love a newly painted room? It looks awesome!! I'm laughing about you and Lynne :)

  10. Womna! Do you never stop? Now painting the kitchen! You have so much energy :-) Have a fabulous week.

  11. I love the color you painted the wall!

    I don't watch Walking Dead but they were talking about the episode on the radio today (no spoilers) but the things they did say left me intrigued! I thought of you, of course, and it seems like you enjoyed the episode as much as the radio people did!

  12. The kitchen looks the color. The Walking Dead just never drew me in the way I thought it would...maybe I should try again.

  13. we just did a refresh of our bedroom and master bath- love! It feels so fresh when there is new paint!


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