Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chocolate Egg Bribe

Yummy :)
Every year I make these treats around Easter.
They are marshmallow filled eggs :)
My Father-in-law loves these and one year I made him one that was about the size of a Nurf football.
I think he polished it off in 2 days…my mother-in-law was not impressed with the speed in which he ate it, as she kept a watchful eye on his eating, teehee.

There is a reason I made these today though.
Remember I had mentioned that I am having Friday Night Scrapbooking tonight as the holiday is on Friday.
Well, I am bribing my scrappy friends with these ;)

Why, you may ask do I need to bribe them?
We got a dumping of snow last night, and it hasn't stopped all day.
So these are their rewards for braving the storm, lol.
I think I am the reason for all this snow though.
I was finally able to take down my outdoor Christmas decorations as the snow melted enough for me to get to them….even though the extension cord for the mini trees is still buried under that snow pile you see there.
Then I put out my hand made bunny on the door.
Yup, I jinxed us.

I am planning on working on my stamp inventory sheet.
I started this many years ago, and need to update it.
I only do this for my cute girl stamps. I will share this in another post :)

I hope you all have a creative Friday Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love these marshmallow chocolates - these are adorable! Hope tonight goes well. Enjoy your Easter weekend. Happy Easter.

  2. You treats look quite yummy. But, I will pass, not much of a marshmallow fan and don't typically eat much chocolate. I feel your pain with the snow. We are currently getting rain. Have a fun scrapbooking evening.

  3. Oh them eggs look yummy I just love marshmallow. You will have to give me the recipe for them. Summer is on it way to you, I promise :)

  4. Oh My!! Those eggs looks yummy. I love chocolate and marshmellow

  5. I was about to say I wished I lived closer so I could get my hands on some of those eggs. Then I read that you had more snow and that I just can't deal with, bribery or not! :D

  6. You really do create with all mediums, don't you? :) I hope your friends turned out for Friday night scrapbooking, on Thursday. I would say, chocolates wouldn't even get me out in that. I'm a big weenie and this time of year I would just be ticked off at that kind of a storm. Lol!

  7. Awesome treats, I bet your scrapping friends loved them. I giggled at the nerf size one, I'm sure my hubby would have done the same. So sorry to hear about the snow storm Mother Nature is just not nice this year.

  8. Yum, yum, yum! Those look fantabulous! :) So sorry to see more snow....spring is coming, I promise!

  9. Yikes, snow?!! I think I would cry if it snowed here right now. LOL

    And recipe for those chocolate marshmallow eggs please!
    I am a sucker for those!!

  10. A good hug from Norway! At this day, it´s spring, good sun and lovely weather. And usually it use to be the other way, right?
    Enjoy the easter and the eggs. Cool!

  11. oh yum these are just beautiful!
    so sorry about the snow
    spring will get to you!!!!

  12. Those chocolates look so yummy!
    Sorry about the snow, spring will show soon! :)

  13. Oh Yum!!! I would be there! Sucky weather! :0( And we complained that ti rained all day-we need to suck. it. up!

  14. Okay, you had me at the chocolate. Your last couple of posts were interesting, but this one is yummy as well!!

  15. I am glad you got your Christmas decorations down! But I can't believe you had more snow!

    Those eggs look like a great bribe to get the girls to brave the snowy weather though!


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