Sunday, April 6, 2014

March's Card Challenge and a Banana Split

 I can finally share my card for Phillane's and my Monthly card challenge we have going on for each other.

The Challenges for this month is.
1.Spring Theme
2. Envelope Pocket Card
3. Image of Choice
4. at least 4 Layers
5. Washi tape.

1.For the Spring theme I used one of my favourite paper packs from Graphic 45, the Once Upon a Springtime collection.
At one time I had 2, 12x12 packs and 2, 8x8 packs. I am down to one of each now…time to hoard, lol
2. I made my envelope pocket card that I had designed for the class I taught back in February.
To see the tutorial on this type of card Check out my Video.
3. Coloured this cute image from "Great Impressions" with my Copic markers.
4. I have many layers to this card. The flower itself has 4 layers with the butterflies on it
5. Washi Tape, I kind or forgot about that element so added it to the inside of the card and to the back.

I cut the paper title from the paper…if you didn't know it was a Spring themed card, I spelt it out for you ;)

Here is my layered flower.
The nylon butterfly is from the dollar store. I changed the colour of it with some coloured spray.
I even used some rose trim.

I actually matched my Copic colours to this paper. Usually I just colour my image and match up the papers later…as I have so much paper it is never a problem, teehee.
But I wanted to match her dress up perfectly with these papers.

Here is the video I did of my card :)
If you would like to watch it on my YouTube Channel, click on Tracy's Treasures24

Here is the Phillane's card she made for me for March :)
Isn't this so cute. I love the palm tree, it has so much texture to it :)
Of course this little Pure Innocence girl is adorable as well.

Tomorrow starts my Healthy eating.
I do have one lunch and one supper out this month that I know of, but besides that, I am going to eat healthy. I will have a can of Coke on the weekends, but will cut it out for the weekdays again. And I will drink more water.
So tonight we had Banana Splits for dessert ;)
Cute dishes eh?
I picked these up years ago when we had dessert every Sunday :)

I am sad that there is no Walking Dead on tonight, so we are watching 28 Days Later ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a creative Walking Deadless Sunday ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy, this is gorgeous! I can see why you love the paper- beautiful! The layers are so pretty.

  2. Banana Splits...Oh I get it...tomorrow is healthy

    Good for you on trying to crack the coke...I am so addicited to diet is a hard thing to quit. Good luck to you with it.

    Gorgeous card! The image, the layers, and the design are all fabulous! love the flower you made and the ribbon flowers.

  3. Both cards are adorable and that banana split looks yummy!

  4. both of these cards are soooo beautiful. i can't wait for those warm summery days! a girl can dream. we are a bit warm today with a high of 54degreesF!

  5. Both cards are beautiful, Tracy! I thought of you last night when I remembered that there was no WD. :) Meant to ask you what you thought of the season finale.

  6. Both cards are adorable, love the spring feel to yours and the tropical feel to your friend's card. Yesterday is was beautiful, sunny and warm but very windy I watched the video yesterday on my playbook while I was out, Finished my final DT card for this week, now back to the house things..

  7. What a beautiful springtime card! I love the colors that you used. Your friend's card makes me wish I was back in Hawaii. Good luck with the healthy eating.

  8. Those are both splendid cards with lots of details. You two are rocking the challenge.

  9. Wow! Now that's a spring card!! Gorgeous Tracy!! I like how you let us know it was a spring card too ;) I'm sorry your show wasn't on. We were at Abie's last volleyball tournament all day, so no creating for me.

  10. Love both cards you both did a great job. I have not had a banana split in years, looks like I am off to the shop to get some bananas now lol :)

  11. Both beautiful cards!! Really you had to end with the dessert? lol Making me hungry.

  12. Your card is gorgeous and that image is fabulous! Love the choice of colours. Beautiful. Phillane's card is beautiful too, I love the palm tree. Yummy banana split ! TFS

  13. This card is beautiful! I love how spring-y it is! And Phillane's card is awesome too!

    Those banana split dishes are adorable!


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