Friday, April 11, 2014

Packing for a crop and an Epic craft fail.

I am pretty excited!!
Tomorrow is Crop for Autism and my friends and I are attending it.
We love our crops :)
Mind you packing up for them…not so fun.

I knew I wanted to work on my P365, my Smash book, and a few card challenges I am in.
Also if I have time, maybe do some colouring just for fun.
So I just kept piling things, I thought I would need, on the table and see how I was going to fit them all in one container.
After seeing how much I had, I was thinking of just bringing my markers and colouring some images…now that would have been much easier ;)

Whenever I go to a crop I always bring the ladies at my table a treat.
This time I thought I would make some of those enamel dots out of the Perler beads and give them to my friends.

So I checked out a couple of videos and went to work.
I preheated my oven.
Put the beads on some parchment paper and put them carefully in the oven so they wouldn't tip over.
I started at 15 mins.
The first 5 minutes I saw some action…after that, not to much.
So after the time was done, I added 5 more minutes, then 5 more, then 5 more.

Then I had to bite the bullet and realize this is as good as they are going to melt.
Yup, it didn't work for me :(
Plus Wayne started to sneeze and they gave off a bit of an odour, even with the kitchen window opened.
I will try again when Wayne is at work. I don't want to give him an asthma attack or something.

I narrowed my packing down to 3 totes.
I put my journal tray away. I just took some journal cards and tags that I thought I would use…one less trip to make ;)

I enjoyed my Friday Night Scrapbooking. Not all of the ladies came as they still packing ;)
I hope you all had a very creative Friday.
I will be posting from the crop tomorrow evening :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have some fun! Lol on cutting back! ;0)

  2. Have fun at your crop and get lots accomplished!

  3. Enjoy your crop. I thought the beads to use for this were like the plastic ones, your put on string. They are of a firmer plastic, but do melt better - although apparently they stink the place out! I think they call them pony beads?

  4. I thouight the same as Romaine LOL at cutting back. I've used pony beads but never tried to melt them. Have fun at the crop, looking forward to seeing what you get done.

  5. Have fun at your crop! I can't wait for our scrapbooking event in May.

  6. You always have so much fun at your crops!! I would think you would want to take a lot, you wouldn't want to run out of things to work on! That's too bad the perler beads didn't work :( maybe next time though.

  7. Sorry that the DIY enamel dots didn't work, am sure you'll get it sorted out. Have a great time at your crop!

  8. Are you going for the week, lol hope you have fun. I will have to watch some videos on the beads, :)

  9. Geez what a lot of stuff you brought! I don't even own that much stuff, lol, I must go shopping. I hope you're having a great and creative day at your crop :)

  10. I love seeing how much stuff you take to a crop! I love it! Sometimes I bring crafty things home with me if I'm going back for an extended period of time - and its always a fight to make them fit with the clothes in the suitcase!

    I hope you had a great time. I'm sorry your beads didn't work out, but that's awesome that you tried!

  11. You'll be unpacking for quite a while at that crop, me thinks! Enjoy!


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