Friday, July 11, 2014

Planner Pages

I thought I would share my completed week in my planner :)
Because most of my markers bleed through my pages, so I like to use sticky notes to do my writing on.
I am going to have to check out those flair markers Becky
was telling me about :)

Today was a busy day.
Not only did I have to get ready to go out to the cottage, but we made a quick decision to go on a little road trip :)
Every year my daughters and my SIL/friend, Sharon and I go on a girls trip.
Every year it is to the same place….Minneapolis :)
So today I had to run and get medical insurance, American money, an oil change in my jeep, fuel up the jeep, and also get ready to head out to the cottage.
Wayne and I will come home early on Sunday, then I have to repack for our road trip and head on the road.
So excited.

Don't you just love spur of the moment trips :)

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your planner pages are so pretty!
    I do love spur of the moment trips if I have enough time to pack! :)

  2. Digging all the purple, Tracy! Sounds like a lot of fun times headed your way! :)

  3. I love a completed week, don't you? Something satisfying about. Unless you have a crappy week and don't get anything done. Lol! I live spur of the moment trips!! You will have a blast!! There are a couple of types of those flair pens. One is like a ball point and one more like a felt tip. I don't have problems with either bleeding. I also picked up some cool pens at Office Depot that don't bleed. I'll have to let you know what kind they are.

  4. You will have a busy week ahead of you!!! And your planner looks like a very full week too!!!! Would be great to get some pens that don't bleed through. You will have to look for them on your trip!!! Hope your weekend at the cottage is grand!

  5. Great planner pages, very full week. always nice to have a relaxing weekend at your cottage after a full week.

  6. You are one busy bee!
    It looks great! Also looks like a lot of work!


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