Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Road Trip..coming home

We made it home safe and sound :)
Here are the last of the crafty goodies that I picked up :)
Pine City scrapbooking wasn't open when we got there, so we ran to Walmart to wait for them to open.
I found some washi and a few cute post its for my planner.
I laughed so hard when Sharon picked up a few rolls of washi tape herself, then when she saw my hands full she states loudly "Damn you Walmart and your .97c washi!!!!  lol.

We didn't get to Scrapbooks Too or Hobby Lobby, or Jo-Anns….but we did hit a scrapbooking/fabric/yarn store called Fabric Works Etc.
It is a little gem of a store.
I picked up this Journal I have been meaning to try, but didn't want to pay the price and then realized that I should just get it as I had passed it up 3 other times and then regret it when I get home :)
I also picked up this spray Adirondack Colour wash, I haven't tried this product yet.

I really do create almost every where I go :)
I brought my planner, tiny trimmer, scissors and brought some thin washi tape and used the new tapes I bought and did a bit of decorating in my planner :)
I always bring a little (or sometimes big) tote with me with a bit of crafting supplies so I can play while I'm away.
Sometimes if I know I am going to be busy, I will just bring a note book to jot down ideas :)

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Greqt haul. Your planners always look so good. I did a few pages in mine and then i could not keep it closed as it added too much depth.
    I have my eyes peeled when i read pinterest now...watching for a binder pages download that I like. If I keep it in a binder, then i can add I want! lol

    My girlfriend uses that Dylusions colour wash and LOVES it!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! You'll love the spray:)


  3. Glad you girls made it back safely! I've never brought any supplies with me on the road, just a notebook and pen to jot down things I want to remember. :)

  4. In the last photo did you see the 2 rolls of Washi and the edge of the paper make a happy face? I just noticed that. Just like you smiling with all your new found goodies.

  5. Sounds like a great trip! Ha ha about the washi..I'll have to check my Walmart if they have it! :)

  6. Those post it's (and washi) are great! I think I need to do a little shopping :) I like the washi smiley face :)

  7. Love the smiley face and great goodies! One thing I have not been near this vacation - craft stores :-( But I have had a fabulous time. Home this weekend and then back to normal - so sorry I haven't stopped by.

  8. Super that you made it home safe and sound, had a fabulous time and picked up some great stuff.


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