Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Defunkifying my Craft Room Video 3 Chipboard & Wood mound stamps

As you know I have taken a break from my craft room re-do or defunkifying my craft room as I have named it ;)
But here is my last video from May.
I had organized my wood stamps last year, but didn't share it as I wasn't sure if I was totally happy with it.
What I did do though, we move them to a different location in my room for easier access.
To move it to this cupboard, I had to totally clean out this cupboard.
More details on this in my video.

I also used these empty Ferrero Rocher chocolate containers for my chipboard pieces.
I also used these empty containers for my stationary/mail drawers as well.  Nothing like free storage containers ;)
Most of my chipboard pieces were in the cupboard above, again more details of this in my video.

And talking about my video…here it is.
I you would rather watch the video on my Youtube channel, just click my link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wonderful video and how many wooden stamps?!

  2. I've been slowly trying to reclaim my space since I exploded all over it-in JUNE. LOL! Great progress!

  3. Hope it all comes together in a way that works for you, Tracy! :)

  4. Oh I do want to come over & play with your stamps!

  5. Great video! You have so many stamps! :)

  6. I have totally fallen off the defunkifying wagon, but hope to get back on once the kids are in school again.
    I have several projects that need my attention! :)

  7. I never thought about how difficult it would be, trying to clean that stuff out, with you being vertically challenged ;)

  8. I love these organizing posts. I sure need the inspiration esp for my wood stamps which are currently jumbled in a series of baskets.


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