Monday, September 15, 2014

Training for my Marathon

Lots of walking today :)

I wasn't sure if my friend Debbie was able to go for our walk tonight, so I did a 70+minute walk in the morning.
She then texted me to let me know she was going walking tonight.
Our 1/2 marathon is this Sunday!!!!
So I was up for another walk :)
Lets just hope that the weather holds up for Sunday :)

Hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow that is impressive!
    Good luck with the half marathon :)

  2. wow totally awesome! the most steps i have had in one day is 18,005!
    You are rockin' it!

  3. \Wow that is fantastic and good luck on Sunday

  4. Good for you, Tracey! I hope the weather holds too. Our weather has been great the last few days, so sending it your way.

  5. Wow and marathon! Wishing you the best and hope the weather is perfect for the day. Hope you post pics about it later. Also, thanks for visiting my art show video on my blog. :)

  6. You are doing so well. Sunday will soon be here and we will all be thinking of you. :-)


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