Monday, March 16, 2015

Mail Day Organization

Today being "Mail Day" I thought it was time to totally organize my files.
Plus we had to get our papers to the accountant for income tax, so thought, since every paper was out, I might as well get them in perfect order…..yes I said perfect, lol.

I thought I was pretty organized with my paper work…but I was delusional, lol.
A few times I had just put a bunch of mail in a basket or bag if someone was coming over and stashed them.
I never did get back to those bags…..until today.
So I made some labels got down on the floor and got to work…a side time I will work on the dining room table, my knees aren't cut out for this anymore ;)
The labels were:
To File
I then put each piece of appear under the label that applied to them.
I also had a pile of envelopes to be recycled off to the side.

I can't believe how unorganized they all were.
I have always had our investment papers in their own zippered page protector, but I also went into them and took out the 2013 papers and put them elsewhere and stapled all of the 2014's together with room for the 2015 papers in there.
I also labeled each zippered page protector with the account number and they are all in one binder.

My bills were paid, but not all of them were in their files.
I usually save all of our bills for the year.
But I think it is unnecessary as once the new bill comes, stating that we have paid the last one, that the old bill can be shredded.
But I will still record the payments in my book… is just a book keeping thing I still need to do, lol.

I put the Misc. papers in their proper place.
I didn't realize how many recalls are on our vehicles…I am thinking I need to make a few appointments for the jeeps and truck, wow.

So that is what my day consisted of.
Nothing exciting, but it is a good feeling to have all of the papers organized :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. My bills and papers are a disorganized mess. I so need to organize them...but I have so little desire to do so!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I just did this on Sunday :) I have a filing cabinet with hanging files where everything is kept, but about once a month, I shred, file, etc. Feels so good!

  3. I am pretty organized right now! I went through the file folder about a month ago! And our taxes are done and filed! Hope your week is starting off well!

  4. That was a very productive day. I still have the income tax papers to sort, they are all in the desk in little cubbies. I'm hoping they are all in now. My bills go in a letter holder unpaid in the bottom and paid in the top end of the month they are bundled and I keep them for a year then shred the year before as you said there is really no sense in keeping them but I do.

  5. I am always delusional on how organized I keep our "life" papers! I can relate!

  6. Always good to get organized. We keep papers/bills etc for 5 years LOL! When we first emigrate back in 2005, I thought we had purged a pile of paper work. Then about 5 years ago, I found that Andy had kept a huge box of statements from when he was in the forces in Germany - that was 1989!!!!! I immediately shredded everything! We have already done our tac and had a small refund - Andy is always really organised on that front :-) I feel another purge coming on LOL!

  7. I seriously think you need to come and organize my

  8. A little organization feels good doesn't it. After sending our tax stuff to the preparer last Monday I did a major shredding job, and retyped all the labels on my file drawers. It felt doubly good!


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