Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pocket Letters

How many of you, have hear of Pocket Letter's?
When I had first seen them I thought….oh these are ATC's
But when I watched some videos, I realized they are and they aren't.
They are the same size as an ATC and each one is hand made.
But (to me) they are more simply made and the idea is to send them in their pocket pages.
Here are the ones I made today.

The first thing you will need are these page protectors, which are hockey or baseball card holders.
I have been keeping my ATC's in these for a while now, so I already had them on hand.
I picked mine up from Dollarama…..which is a dollar store here in Canada.

Then I went through my scrap file and cut some papers to 2.5 x 3.5.
I love the idea of using up some of my paper scraps :)

The papers I had in my scrap file were pretty thin.
So I backed them up with some card stock, also from my scraps.
I didn't have enough of the same colour of card stock to back all of the 9 cards, so I had to use a lighter pink and then inked the edges in a darker pink ink so they would look similar.

I had this heart and "love" die cut on my desk, so I figured I would use it on one of my cards :)

One other thing that is fun about these pocket letters, is that you are to slip in some goodies into the pockets.
I am planning to add some washi tape samples, twine, tags I will cut out, die cuts, and some chocolate ;)
Many of the other ladies have added special tea, but I am not a big tea drinker, but chocolate…I would be all over that, lol.

Oh ya, another great thing about these pocket letters…once they are folded in the 3 sections, they should fit in a #10 envelope.
I tried to keep all of my embellishments thin, so I could just use a regular stamp on these.

I haven't signed up for any swaps and I don't have any pen pals, but I still wanted to try my hand at these, so I am going to mail them out to some of my friends :)
Here is a link to Janette Lane's video explaining how these pocket letters work "Pocket Letters"

I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have seen these done on Swap-Bot but slightly different in that one pocket contains a penpal letter, another a tea bag, one ATC, etc. Basically something different, like a little gift, in each pocket. But cute any way it's done!

  2. Looks so cute, Tracy! I've swapped with a few people and I'd love to send you one! Shoot me an email with your address when you have a moment. :)

  3. Awesome idea, especially for sending to someone that needs a boost. I would also like to send you one too. I store my ATCs in the card holders too but 9 ATCs that I have would be way too heavy to mail. So they have to be sans embellies. I made 22 St. Patrick day treat match book holders. Will blog them soon.

  4. Very cute, Tracy! I want to know how bulky they get after you add your goodies and whether you were actually able to mail it with a regular stamp?

  5. These are all gorgeous!! I love the pretty designs!! They look amazing!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Very cute idea. How did I miss these on You Tube? First time I've seen them. Thanks.

  7. I have seen these! Only on instagram, and thought that were SO cute! I love what you did :) Makes me want to try some!! Is a #10 envelope like a business sized envelope?

  8. I have seen these! Only on instagram, and thought that were SO cute! I love what you did :) Makes me want to try some!! Is a #10 envelope like a business sized envelope?

  9. These are so wonderful and such a greta way not only to use up those scraps, but to maybe try some new techniques too :-)

  10. I just heard about Pocket Letter last week when I was watching a video of a person I follow on you tube. Looks like a great idea.

  11. I recently just heard of these and have been seeing them everywhere since! lol yours are very cute and I LOVE pink so you had me there! I still think its a page full of ATC's cuz technically an ATC or ACEO can be anything just as long as it is 2.5" x 3.5" but hey tomatoe tomato lol

  12. Today I made my very first 2 PL. This is sooo much fun. I think i'm already addicted ;) The best thing is that you come in contact with people from all over the world. I would definitely love to send you a PL as well! If you are open for it, just send me an email ... :)

  13. Sweet pockets, Tracy. Love the smile card!

  14. So cute!! I too am loving that smile card :)

  15. I love to swap with you, if you do international trade, you can email me at for a swap.


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