Sunday, September 20, 2015

Crop & Create and my Treat Bags

I am back from the Crop & Create event, put on by Scrapbook & Cards Today:)
It was a blast…my friends are hilarious and we seem to be the loudest (and I am sure most annoying) table to the others attending the event but whatever…we have a great time, lol.

Here is my friend Debbie and I eating our snack.
Notice the difference in snacks, teehee.
Not sure what is up with my eye there, lol.

You know I always like to make little treat bags for my friends.
I think they turned out cute!

I have used these treat bags many times, and had to come up with a new way to decorate them :)
So I decided to use a mask and spritz them.
I was going to use water colour markers to spritz them with, but the tool wasn't working nicely…and I was in a rush, as it was a couple of hours until the event, lol.

I covered the bottom and the handles of the bags as I didn't want them done.

See how nice and crisp the spritzing turned out.

There is always so much ink left over on the stencils, that I hate to waste it.

So instead of cleaning it off with a paper towel, I just flip[ed the stencil over and pressed it on the bags for reverse inking.

Pretty cool eh…not as crisp but cool.

Here are the finished treat bags…aren't those butterfly sticks so fun.
I figured that they could be taken off of the sticks and used on a card or scrapbook layout.

I am heading to the States with my friend/SIL Sharon for our yearly girls getaway :)
I am sooo excited.
I packed a few (ya, right…a lot) of scrapbooking project to work on in the hotel room while she is gambling.
Wish her luck ;)

Sharon and I usually go on 2 trips a year …one with my daughters and one with just her and I.
The exchange rate is crazy, as it cost me about $1.34 CND, to purchase $1.00 US
So this year my daughters opted not to go, as well as that is a they would have to take 4 days off of work.
They will come with Wayne and I when we do our family trip/getaway in Nov or Dec.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)
I did as I have been at the Crop & Create event for the last 3 wonderful days.
More on that in the next few days :)

Tracy :)


  1. So glad you girls had such a fun time and have a great trip with to the states! :)

  2. Glad you girls had fun!! Love your treat bags

  3. It sounds like such an awesome time!! I love the treat bags!! They look amazing!! The butterflies are fabulous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Glad you had a great retreat and now your off again! Enjoy your trip away! TFS

  5. Your bags turned out awesome! Love the stenciling and what a great idea to just flip the stencil over!

  6. It looks like it was great fun! Great idea for gussying up the bags.

  7. love the treat bags, cute butterflies on the stick too. Sounds like a fun time and now on to your trip.


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