Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fun with Friends at Crop & Create

Here are my crazy and fun friends at the Crop & Create event.

It is hard to get us all in a photo together….they are so hard to discipline, lol.

Our friend Sharon wasn't able to make it this year…she was on a bus tour….poor girl, teehee.
Lynne and I took a photo with our missing friend ;)

This is what my friend Debbie and I had for a snack.
Now tell me, who brings healthy snacks to a crop….Debbie apparently, lol.

My neck was stiff from painting the garage trim… Lesli gave me a massage….now that is a friend ;)
I have to say she was very good…..I could use another one Lesli ;)

Here is Lesli and I at the photo wall :)
You may recognize Lesli from her blog Vintage Scraps

They had a lot of fun props at the photo wall :)
And here is Caroline and I having some fun with them :)

Oh there we are ;)
Caroline may look familiar as her blog is Caroline's (not so) New Hobby

Since a lot of my friends are into those Adult colouring books, when we went for lunch…Lynne grabbed a few children's activity sheets and crayons for the ladies.
Verna one upped her and coloured it in, lol.

I can not tell you how much fun I have with these ladies :)
I am looking forward to the next crop we attend…..I think the next one will be at my house though.

I hope you had a very creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a fun time - great photos!!

  2. Such fun pictures of you and the gang, Tracy!

  3. What fun pictures, they look like a great fun group.

  4. too much fun as usual,
    Love you all !
    we should just book a message!
    or maybe I could create a Lynne sine that says will message for paper LOL

  5. Looks as if you had a really fun time!


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