Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crocheting and Zombies

Crocheting a baby blanket while watching The Walking Dead...isn't that what all grandma to-be's do ;)

If you remember from this post "Oops"...I took apart the error on my baby afghan and fixed it.
It took 2 minutes to rip apart the 1 hour of crocheting I had done.

But I am happy to announce that I have completed the baby afghan!!
Now Ashley is allowed to have her baby, teehee.
I changed up the scalloped edge from the pattern.
I actually like my version better and I think it was easier and quicker to do as well :)

I also completed watching season 2 of The Walking Dead.
It was 9.63 hours of pure enjoyment :)
Mind you I didn't get in many steps today, but I did complete the afghan, so I feel a bit accomplished.
Tomorrow is season 3!!

I hope you all have a very creative day.
I did :)

Tracy :)


  1. wundervoll schaut deine häkelarbeit aus...ich bin grad am socken lernen...fange zum 10.mal neu an....*lach*
    liebe grüsse

    1. Here is Ruth's comment via google translate-
      wonderful looking out your crochet ... I'm learning degree on socks ... start to 10.mal to new .... * lol *
      Kind regards
      ruth..chen ;-))

  2. The blanket is gorgeous, I like the edging on it. Tried to watch the waking dead but it isn't for me sometimes I can't even watch Criminal Minds.

  3. You did a lovely job on the blanket. Being a grandma is the best.

  4. This is beautiful! Such a lucky baby. :)

  5. Beautiful job! Your grandbaby will be toasty warm now. When is Ashley due again?

  6. Wonderful time! Wish I could crochet - want to teach me :-)

  7. Pretty blanket, but that is an usual combination of activities.

  8. Your baby afghan is beautiful! I do not know how to do that crochet pattern, but I do love it. As for the Walking Dead---I keep hearing so much about it. I guess I'll have to check it out on my Netflix. I was thinking it's about zombies and I don't usually like that sort of thing.


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