Monday, May 1, 2017

Organizing my creative totes

I have been putting off organizing these totes of mine for quite some time.
By the look of my living room floor, I should have put it off for a bit longer, lol.

If you know me you know I love planners, journals, notebooks and well, anything paper related.
I also craft all over.
I got to crops, to friends homes and anywhere around my house.
So I will grab another tote and fill it with the supplies I need for that project and move on...never to put away the supplies.
So I decided to go through everything.

This one is my Craftsman Tool Tote.
I have been using this for my planners and journals.
Then I just started to put other things in here, and it just got to stuffed and I kind of stopped using it as it didn't work for me anymore.

This one I bought from 31 Bags.
I use it to just throw stuff in.
Like when I am working on a project and tote my supplies to other areas in the house.
Truth Time: when I have to clean up and I don't feel like I have time to put my supplies in their proper places, I just dump them in this bag.

As tiny as this tote is...I can sure fill it up nicely, lol.
I keep this little tote on my desk when I am scrapbooking.
It has my pens, scissors, bone folder and other supplies and embellishments that I need (or may need) right in front of me.
I like this little tote as it doesn't take up a lot of room on my desk or table.

Now like everything when I organize...the first thing is to take everything out and see what I have.
I put things in a bit of an order.
Planner stickers, fauxbonichi stickers and stamps in the back.
Washi tape on the left.
Supplies that need to be put back in my craft room in the center.
Embellishments on the right.
Pens and inks in the front.
See a bit organized ;)

I took my planners, notebooks and journals out and am going to figure out a better way to keep them.
The Create 365 planner holder holds my Christmas planner.
I left it in there as I have loose papers in there pertaining to this planner.

Look at all of these empty totes.
I have to admit I do have more totes as I have a bit of an addiction to them.
I left the pens in my Craftsman tote as I have to go through them all as there are some that I don't like to write with, so they will get donated to friends.

You thought I would be sharing my organized totes with you today?!?!
I wish, lol.
My living room looks a bit like a stationary store blew up in it.
Hoping to complete it tomorrow, but I can't make any promises as I have another project I am doing with my daughter.
So many projects not enough me, lol

I hope you all have a very Creative Day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. I need to get back at it as well - love when you share - it does make we want to come over and look at all of your beautiful treasures!
    & did I see donate to friends?? lol

  2. Really like the little pink tote for your desk, Where did you get it from would like something like that for my desk instead of all the pots I have in the corner, which look untidy!!!

  3. Same here. I have so many totes and use for different things. Just look at them the other day and trying to decide how to switch things around.

  4. That's how it is for me, craft out of the boxes I bring home from the lake in October until January, then most everything is put away or on my desk. Looking forward to seeing the finish!!

  5. Organizing often equals discovery. Enjoy as it means more time to celebrate NSD this Saturday

  6. I love your pretty totes Tracy and can see why you have an addiction for them. Good luck with the organising - I usually want to cry when I am at the stage where I have made more mess than I started with lol!
    Carol x

  7. Looks fun. I love my Craftsman tote. Mine is blue and gray. I mainly keep journal/planner stuff in it. My husband actually uses his for tools when he works around the house. LOL

  8. I have been catching up on your blog. Never seem to have enough time to just sit and comment like I used to.
    We are still in the midst of our main floor renos. Everything was delayed as Lowes lost our floors for a few weeks whichs set back all the other work.

    Your organizing posts are good for me to read right now as i am also in the midst of redoing how I store my wooden stamps. Changing them out of Michaels ordinary iris bins to the new single layer bins. You can fit two of the new style bins into one riris bin so I can have my wooden stamps in single layers and see everything at a glance!

  9. You should definitely open a shop LOL! Love that teeny tiny tote :-)

  10. I can absolutely relate! The tote-count keeps growing here too!! I love them! They keep me organized.. And they're great to grab and go! ~tina


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