Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun filled day

Today was my BIL Jim's 59th birthday.

Went for my morning walk and my evening walk. I need to with all the food that is being served this weekend.
I visited my neighbour, Sonja and her baby robins. Sorry for the poor picture quality but I took this through her dirty window LOL.

I did get a picture of mama feeding her babies.
I love having the family visiting and sitting around chatting. But I can't sit in one place, I get antsy. So Hubby, Jim and I went to pick some blueberries. We went down an old logging road, where Wayne and I picked last weekend, the picking was good there.
I forgot my bucket, brought Wayne's though. I found a large freezer bag in the truck and filled that up. I probably picked 4 liters, hubby about 3 and Jim about 2.5.
The wasps didn't finish rebuilding their nest when the bear dug them up from last weekend. So they were busy.

I cleaned out another flower bed. It is under the old pine tree. I am surprised anything grows in it as it is always full of pine needles.
Everyone sits under the pine tree for shelter, be it from the sun or a light rain. Unfortunately our tree is losing more and more needles every year and not getting any new growth. I am planning for a new gazebo when this happens.
As I was weeding my friendly bunny came by to check and see what I was doing.

Lots of swimming again today as the day was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the pictures of all your wild life :)

  2. I second the "love the wildlife photos" comment above!

    (The wasps, though - not so much! I HATE wasps!)


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