Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger Etiquette and some awards.

Is there a blogger etiquette?
Does anyone know the rules for replying to comments left on your blog?
I try to reply to every comment left on my blog. I can't believe that anyone reads my blog, let alone takes the time out to comment. I am so appreciative.
The only comment that I can't reply to are if they don't link up there blog. Even then I try to find out who it is.

Here is how I organize my comments to reply to.
I have my blogs comments go to my e-mail (thank you Jingle for helping me with this).
I read what they posted, then I go and check out their blog. If they have a new post, I comment. Then I delete the e-mail so I know I replied to their comment.
If they haven't made a new post then I keep their e-mail until they put up a new post. I have a few from a couple months ago :)

Now I have been a bad blogger, as I received these two awards and not collected them
We know they all have similar rules. But I am going to break them today.
Who ever wants to share these awards with me, feel free to post them on your blog.

I received this one from Tabbetha from Tabbetha's Scraps
Tabbetha has the most detailed, beautiful scrapbooking pages. I love her work.
The second award I received from Melissa She makes some neat embellishments and has lots of cool information. We can all learn something new.
Thank you ladies for thinking of me when giving out these awards. I am sorry I was late in posting them but I do really appreciate them.
Onto my day today. I was taxi again. Ashley still isn't feeling up to par, so I am still driving her to work and such.
I did get my material for my Halloween Wall Hanging. I am excited to start working on it tomorrow.
I also bought an ironing board. I only have a mini one for ironing sleeves. It works for most things, but not for larger pieces of material. Notice I said material and not clothing. Well that is because I don't iron clothing, LOL.
I did some book work today, and cleaned the house today. In between driving.
Hope your Monday was a good one.


  1. I either comment on their blog or I reply via email if they leave their email in the slot. If they don't do that, I can't reply, so I basically do what I can!

  2. I agree and try to reply to everyone that posts on my blog. I so appreciate all of the comments and I want to make sure that I return the gesture. Congrats on the blog awards! You definitely deserve them.

  3. Congrats on the blog awards! I do try hard to return comments and I like your email system. I also have folders in my Google Reader labeled "Followers" and "Comments". I keep the appropriate blogs in these folders so I know when they post, I should try and leave a comment. Keeps my email a little more cleaned up.

  4. I too feel like I should comment back if someone leaves me a comment! I just try and visit their blog and leave a comment too. But most people that comment on my blog I already check out their blogs and comment anyway :)

  5. I went to work to find out I don't work till Tuesday..
    You'll have to post pics of the Halloween thing!

  6. I try to comment back-I'm with you, I just really appreciate it when people stop by and read my blog. I try to at least return the favor! :)

  7. hey tracy,
    can you email me the directions on how the posts get sent to your email. I would love to respond to some of my comments by i dont have a reply option on my (dont know how to set that up). That would be awesome!--thanks!!!!

  8. Hey there Tracy! It's Becky from Fourth House on the Right! I love your post today and just wanted to say thanks so much for becoming a follower of my little ole blog today. It really meant a lot. I tried to respond back to your comment but I couldn't figure out how to... Any suggestions? Also, I am now following you! Have a great night!

  9. I don't know about the etiquette...I sort of remember sometime back trying to figure out the best way. I guess I finally decided on commenting back on my own blog. What I like about your way is that the person should see it no matter what. But what I like about my way is that the response is right there with the comment. I think that's why I started doing it that way...I'm not sure!

  10. This is such a timely post. I was just thinking that I didnt know how to make sure the original commenter knew that I had replied. Like you! I dont get too many comments so it's pretty easy for me to reply to everyone!! Thanks for stopping by last week, I was happy to see your comment.

  11. I think replying on your own blog is often futile because not everyone (a very small percentage in fact) will go back and check the comments section of every blog they've commented on throughout the day, so they won't see your answer.

    What you've been doing, i.e., replying on their blogs if they have one - or sending an email, if that's available, is probably the best way.

    I too, have people that leave NO WAY of reaching them, so I'm stuck. Why ask me a question if I can't respond to you?

  12. Sounds like a good system on the comments etc and might give that a go, my way is I look at my favourites first and comment on their blog yours sounds better though. I sometimes am AWOL though as I am away for work but then try to catch up when I return.


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