Sunday, October 3, 2010

Medallions and a video.

Today I had a bit of time to play. Well not really but I made some time :)
I have seen these medallions on many projects and wanted to try my hand at making some. Oh now the ideas are running around in my head.

For added fun I did a video on how to make these fun embellishments. I tried to do a video last night..but it was so late I kept falling over my own words. So I redid it today. Double click on the video to get the full view.

I slept in this morning. It was so nice. Wayne woke up early (as he always does). He needed to sight in his gun for hunting this year. Hope he doesn't get anything....did I just say that out loud LOL.

We took the family out for supper tonight. Ashley's birthday was in July and we haven't gone out for her birthday supper. Ya we get the bad parents award. But every weekend we went to camp and this was the first weekend we were all home. She picked Montana's for supper. I think I have enough of my left overs for lunch tomorrow, unless someone eats it before then.

Tomorrow is pick up my new jeep day OHHH Yeahhhhh.

Hope you had a good weekend.



  1. Hi Tracy,

    Enjoyed the video. Aren't those so much fun! You can make them so many different ways. Bad Parents', I hardly doubt that. I am sure your daughter understood.

    Yay for you, a new jeep! You lucky girl. Have a great week.


  2. Great video Tracy, I'm going to have to make some of those!!! And, it's good to know that I might avoid that teenage attitude altogether!! ;)

  3. These are awesome!!! So craftastic!

    Have fun picking up the jeep tomorrow! Exciting stuff.

    Thank you so much for hopping by my blog during "The Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop this weekend. Very much appreciated!

  4. Great video really enjoyed watching that, happy new jeep day tomorrow and have a good week

  5. Tracy,
    I loved the video, gonna have o give these a try.
    Have fun with jeep tomorrow

  6. thanks for the tutorial, love them

  7. Great tutoria, Tracy! I really enjoyed watching it. Congrats on the new Jeep!

  8. very cute medallions and video. I was surprised how big you made your scores. All the ones I have done, and seen done make the folds much smaller - which make it a right royal PITA when it comes to the .. put in a circle and flatten down part ... *LOL* ... I must try the larger score, because once it was crunched down they looked smaller!

  9. Those medallions look great, I love the halloween colours.

  10. Very cool! Can't wait to try it.

  11. Tracy, I really like these medallions. So pretty!

  12. Wow! Thank you so much for that video! Those are so beautiful! Wow!!!!


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