Friday, October 29, 2010

We rock out our pumpkins

We love to carve our pumpkins in this house. I try to stay out of it. Or I'll take over. So I am in charge drawing out the out line and the baking of the seeds and hubby helps with the carving.
Last year the girls didn't seem as interested so hubby and I did most of the work.
These are last years creations.
The Grime Reaper
Me on my broom, oops I mean a Witch on her broom.
We never carved pumpkins when I was a kid.
Then when I moved out on my own at 16, I not only didn't have the funds for this but I lived in a basement apartment, so who would see it.
When hubby and I got married and rented a house I didn't even think of buying a pumpkin for Halloween. So what I did was make my own. It snowed that day, so I rolled a ball of snow, shaped it into a pumpkin and used food colouring to dye it. Then out of black paper, I constructed the face. I then rolled up a piece of green paper and used it as the stem. When hubby came home from work he said to me, so I see you picked up a pumpkin, LOL.
But he wasn't the only one who was fooled, as the kids came to the door for their treats, I heard the parents say, that's a neat pumpkin. It was the kids that replied, I think its made out of snow, LOL.
Well tonight we picked up our 3 pumpkins and are ready to carve them on Halloween. I wonder what they will be this year?

Today was a running around day. So nothing much happened. But tonight I started to clean up my scrap/craft room. Can you believe it took me over half an hour to clean up my desk. Yup, not lying. Maybe I should have kept that to myself?
I want to work on a mini with my Graphic 45 Alice in Wonderland Halloween paper. I love this paper and have been putting off cutting it up. So my plan is to make an album where you can see a lot of the paper. Maybe I should have got the 6x6 pad.
We will see what happens.

Hope you all had a good Friday and that your weekend is a creative one.



  1. Those pumpkins are just stunning! Can't wait to see the creations for this Halloween! :)

  2. Tracy,
    These pumpkins are AWESOME!!!! You should enter them in contests.
    Too cool

  3. Awesome pumpkins, Tracy! Love the story about your snow pumpkin!

  4. Wow, the pumpkins turned out great!!! We didn't do one this year :(

  5. very creative pumpkins! I have checked out your DD too and it's great! it's such a great tool to record memories! Have fun carving tomorrow night!

  6. Wow! Those are incredible. Can't wait to see this years designs.

  7. have fun with the carving ... we don't do it... they tend to rot too quickly here!

  8. I love these pumpkins! I can never manage anything more difficult than 2 triangles and a half circle.

  9. Very nice! I used to be so into it. I carved my boy a really nice dragon one year. But this far nothing. Older gal did one and we have one that still needs to be carved. I keep thinking of doing it...but I never do.

  10. Love the witch! I wanted to do that one this year, but got out voted. Love the snow pumpkin idea - of course we don't get snow here, so I'm a little jealous

  11. Awesome pumpkins! It only took you 30 minutes to clean your desk? I've managed to make that a half day job at times!

  12. You made a pumpkin out of SNOW?!!! YOU, my dear, are CRAFTASTIC!!! Do you think you could turn garbage bags into money? $100 bills even? LOL!!!

    LOVE the carved pumpkins. You guys are UBER TALENTED!

  13. I want to make a mini with the Graphic 45 Alice papers too...but am hesitant to cut them up! They are so cool! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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