Sunday, October 31, 2010


What have these little guys ever do to us?
They started as little seeds, then planted and cared for. They grew up and grew into these beautifully, almost perfect pumpkins.
Only to turn up in our home and be gutted, and happily so, by my daughter. I don't mind cleaning out the insides, but I hate to get my hands into it.
After we gut the pumpkins we like to toast the seeds. Here are our pumpkins this year. I did this one. Yup this pumpkin had too much punch at the party. Teehee.
Here it is in the dark.
I did this one too. It was kicked in by the end of the evening. Hubby did this one. He loves to carve the pumpkins.
My daughters made these a few years ago. I love their sense of humor. I.P. Freely, LOL.
Another one of their creations.
My girls and I made these Jack o lanterns out of salsa jars. I think we made these about 7 years ago, at least. We glued tissue paper on the jars and then cut out the shapes in back, for the facial features.
Well didn't get in my scrap/craft room again today. I guess my Halloween mini will get done after Halloween. Oh well, thems the breaks.

Hope your Halloween was a fun and safe one.

I am so excited for "Walking Dead" tonight! My family is all so excited actually, we have been keeping a count down for this show. Hope it is as good as we have been expecting.



  1. Oooh...your carved pumpkins are delightful! It pisses me off when some ass kicks in a pumpkin someone spent a lot of time carving. The asses that smash them on the road are just as bad. Grrrr. I'd like to shove a pumpkin up their wazoo and see how they like being toyed with.

    Anger much, Marlooney? Yeah.

  2. The show was awesome!!!!

    And I made home made pumpkin seeds yesterday

  3. Tracy,
    I love these pumpkins. You all did a great job at carving. I agree with the others about the jerk who kicked the pumpkin.
    As Stephanie Tanner from "Full House" would say
    How Rude...
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Your pumpkins are absolutely wonderful! Why do people have to be so mean? The worst one for us was (quite a few years ago) when they took our carved pumpkin and smashed it on the street right in front of our house - jerks! Now, we live in such a rural part of Georgia, we don't get any trick or treaters.

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAAA!! Love that pumpkin that had a bit too much fun! Too funny!! :)

  6. the pumpkins..awesome pics!! The last one was amazing.

  7. Oh, oh, il est rigolo, ton bonhomme, il a l'air un peu malade... Il a trop mangé de citrouilles ?
    Et ton personnage de Dracula, wouah, fantastique !

  8. supre cute the RIP signs!

  9. I translated Tatieva Arts comment.

    Oh, oh, it is comic, your fellow, it seems a little sick... Did it too eat pumpkins? And your personage of Dracula, wouah, fantastic!

    Now don't think that I am that smart, my daughter told me to do it on the google translator. How cool is that.

  10. Hee-hee great pumpkin! Love the salsa pumpkin too. I'll have to try making one of those. Heaven knows we go through enough of it at our house. :)


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