Friday, October 22, 2010

My Quilted Halloween Wall Hanging is Done :)

I finished my Wall hanging. I love it, the colours are so bright and the scene is so fun. If you wnat to see more pictures check out the last few days posts. The colours aren't true in the picture, it is over cast today (I hope we don't get snow).
I have it hanging in the living room for now, I want it in the back porch, but the wall is about 15 feet high and above the stairs. Humm I wonder if hubby will run to Canadian Tire to get me one of those ladders you use on the stairs ;)
I wanted to find a cut way to hang this. So I went to a few stores looking for some witches brooms for Halloween costumes. They were so short. So I went into my scraps of wood (I have scraps of everything, paper, material, wool and yes wood LOL) and found this piece of doweling. Then I went in the back bush and cut some branches from some bushes and glues them in place, then I zip tied them. I wanted to wrap jute around the branches, but couldn't find my stash. That's the problem with too many scraps. So I used some black material and wrapped that around them. I think it looks cute.
Onto my day. I was driver again. Ashley is feeling better but I drove her just in case. I did some book work today. Hubby's company has the city's winter sand for this year. What that is is that Hubby supplies the city with salted sand for the winter. What this means is long hours and lots of tickets for me.
Poor hubby was so tired last night that he fell asleep on the couch really early. I couldn't wake him up to go to bed, so he slept on the couch all night. Heather wanted to draw on his face with permanent marker. I told her at least use a washable one. In the end she didn't do it. Would have been funny though.

My friend Lynn came by tonight to scrapbook. We made some cards. She makes them for a friends mom and she sells them with the money going to research breast cancer.
I made a few more thank you cards.

Hope your Friday was a good one.



  1. Tracy
    This is absolutely wonderful. You have done a fantastic job on it.

  2. Amazing job! So beautiful.

  3. that is just beautiful. you did a fantastic job!

  4. Your quilted hanging is gorgeous!


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