Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thread catcher/pin cushion

Today has been such an unproductive, wasted day.
So I will share a project I made late last year. It is a thread catcher/pin cushion. I had seen these somewhere. I thought they were neat so I made up a pattern and put this together. I wrote out what I did and took photo's along the way. I actually made this for my friend Myra, but I didn't make a second one yet so she never received hers.
I'm a Bad friend, mind you Myra didn't know I was making this for her, so she didn't miss it, I guess it will be a Christmas gift to her.
I had such plans for today. I was going to write and mail my thank you cards, start my fall quilt, clean up part of my scrap/craft room (I'm not fooling anyone if I said my whole room). Then later tonight we were going to go to my brothers place for a outdoor fire, maybe roast some marshmallows.
Well I had a migraine off and on (mostly on) all day. So I ended up napping quite a bit today. So I didn't get anything accomplished.
I did start to feel better later in the evening, but my brother went partridge hunting with a friend. I wasn't up to going anyway so it was just as well.

Talk about hunting, hubby shot a 8 point buck today. He sent me a picture on his IPhone. Thanks hun. He would have liked me to share it on here, but I would rather share pictures of live animals thank you very much for the thought though.
I really don't like wild game. Hubby and the girls do though.
My motto has always been You kill it, You clean it, You cook it. I should also add You eat it.
I know it is healthier for you, but I don't really like the taste.

Still not feeling up to par, so it is off to bed for me.

Hope your day was a creative one.



  1. Aww Tracy hope you are feeling better soon. Love that project and wish I had a friend to make me one well maybe the thought that she would make me one..... lol

  2. This is an awesome project. I may have to try my hand at something like this. Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Migraines stink! Hope you are feeling better. Think you may do a tutorial on the pin cushion/holder? That looks neat!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon! Great project- I am sure your friend will love it!

  5. Cute project! Congrats to your hubby for getting his buck. Tell him if he shoots a black bear, though, I'll be all over him like white on rice. SAVE THE BEARS! :)


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