Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blood, sweat and tears

Ok I lied there was no blood, but there was sweat and maybe I shed a tear.
I took down my heart shaped flower bed today. I really didn't want to do it, but the vehicles wouldn't fit in the driveway. Well I lied again (got to stop doing that) they all fit but its tight and I don't want to scratch or bang my new baby, well I don't want to scratch my 1st baby either. Wayne's truck doesn't matter though LOL.
My brother Darren, who lives the next province over, helped me make this, this is where the tears come in. I am so sentimental.
Here it is. We cemented the pole in, so I had to wait until hubby came home to pull it out. Ya he is that strong. Did it with his bare hands.
If you want to see this in its full glory look here Never to be seen again :(

So this is what I did most of the day. I had to transplant the flowers and bulbs to the back yard. Hopefully they will take.
It was chilly today, and windy. I got hot working outside. But I think the wind gave me a chill, as I haven't gotten warm all day. I think I need a nice warm tub.

Hope your having a nice weekend.



  1. gorgeous home


    living, creating, and appreciating
    ~my blog

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  2. Two words for your hubby: CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!!

    (strong is right!)

  3. Love your house! (((Hugs))) That stinks that you had to give up your flowerbed. But you are doing it for the greater good. (maybe?). Hope your transplanted flowers take for you to enjoy next year.

  4. Holy moley, bare hands! Wow! Well that just means your brother will have to come back for a visit this spring to help recreate the heart in another spot. ;) Sounds like "an opportunity" as my husband would say. LOL!

  5. sorry about the flower bed. I know how hard that is. I have one near the driveway and my hubby keeps running over it!


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