Monday, October 4, 2010

Got my Jeep today!!!

I didn't get any crafting done today. So much for doing a Halloween craft every day. So I thought that I would share a cute sewing project I did. I call her Sally the Scarecrow. She isn't a Halloween project but she is an Autumn project. I used felt for most of her. Her dress and skirt are made of fabric. Her bottom is filled with rice (how personal) to help her sit up right.
I was so busy today. I GOT MY NEW JEEP!!!
Can you tell I am excited.
Can you believe that I didn't get a picture!
I brought my 1st baby.. jeep in to get the bumper repaired from our deer encounter. They told me it wouldn't be ready until Wednesday as they had to do some touch up paint.
So my SIL, Sharon, Heather and I picked up Ashley from work and we went out for lunch.
As I was going to pick up my 2nd I received a call to pick up jeep #1 as it was ready. That is what I call quick service. Then I dropped that jeep off for Ashley to take home. Then went to pick up jeep #2. :)
Busy but a good busy.

Here is to a fun filled Monday.



  1. YAY JEEP, Congrats! Have fun with then 2nd baby.

  2. How exciting! :) So are you keeping the old baby for your daughter then?

  3. i love love love your scarecrow! that is so cute! i was just decorating for fall around the house this weekend!

    glad you have your jeep back!

  4. Yay, congratulations, Tracy - can't wait to see a photo of you and your new Jeep! Love the scarecrow!

  5. That is super cute. Learning how to sew is on my list of things to accomplish.

  6. Congrats on the new Jeep!!
    The scarecrow looks great!

  7. Love Sally Scarecrow. I can't sew to save my life, so this is impressive to me. Yay for the new Jeep! New vehicles are so much fun - enjoy!

  8. She's sew cute! My mom is teaching me to sew now. Another fun craft to become obsessed with! :)

  9. Tracy,
    I love the scarecrow. He is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing

  10. Oh congrrats! Can't wait to see pics! And I love this scarecrow, too cute!


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