Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Collage

I am still not feeling up to par today, so another unproductive day, GRRR.
So I will share with you a project I made last year. I made this Halloween collage. I picked out some pattern paper, cut them in 2x2 inch squares and then stamped on them. I placed them on a black piece of bristol board then mounted that on foam board.
The other side of this white foam board has my Christmas collage on it. That way I just flip it over, and I always know where it is :)
Here is a close up of the stamped images. I inked around all the edges of the squares.
I punched a few spiders out of black card stock and just placed them around the collage. I took the glass off the frame for the picture, too much glare.
As I said I didn't do anything today. OK that's a lie, I was checking out YouTube, blogs and Facebook. Funny no matter how bad you feel, I can still check out the computer or TV. LOL
Hubby was sweet enough to go out with Kristy and pick up a few things from the grocery store. Those two should not go there alone. They went for bread, lunch meat and pop. They came back with ice-cream, cones, chocolate bars, tacos, salsa and cheese dip. LOL.

Well hubby knew I wasn't feeling up to cooking, I would fake it just to miss cooking supper, teehee. So he ordered Chinese food for supper. I can't understand why Chinese food is so expensive here. Well maybe its not here. Tonight is Desperate Housewives and Amazing race. I will probably do some book work while its on.

Hope your Sunday was a creative one.



  1. I so want to copy that collage. Somehow, I do not think mine would turn out as nice as yours, though. Great job! Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  2. Love your collage! What a cool idea, and to put another holiday on the flip side...dare I say genius? I curse you and your Chinese food, now I'm wanting a late snack... Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Ingenious to put your Christmas Collage on the back of this! I love this piece of art. Inking the edges is a lot of extra work, but worth it. It gives it a vintage feel and the muted colors and stamps you chose are wicked good.
    Happy Halloween.
    :-) Genevieve

    PS. Congrats on the non-cooking night. LOVE THOSE!!!!
    Hope you feel better.

  4. Gorgeous collage! What a brilliant idea! I'm going to bookmark this and save the inspiration. Thank you!

  5. Love your Halloween collage and your Chinese-food dinner looked yummy!

  6. Love your Halloween collage. So smart to have Christmas on the flip side! And I never send my husband to the grocery store - we can't afford it!

  7. love that collage! And thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog!

  8. That's really cute! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. That collage is amazing!! You did a fantastic job!!

  10. I love anything to do with collages, and yours is so cute, and very clever to do a Christmas one on the back! Great idea!!!

  11. This is adorable..what a great idea!!
    Hope you are feeling better. I'm still recovering from yesterdays migraine..:(.

  12. thanks for sharing love that halloween collage... Great work i love your blog...

  13. Beautiful collage! You know, I used to hate Chinese food. Now I love the stuff. (Well, most of it, anyway. And it's kinda pricey here too, for the GOOD stuff, anyway.)

  14. I'm so sorry you haven't felt well. Migraines are the worst.

    Your Halloween collage is just brilliant! Like a paper quilt, eh?

    Your plate of Chinese food is, well, a plate of Chinese food. Why is it I see so many body parts, or the shape of body parts, in your Chinese food? Very disturbing...

  15. Love your Halloween collage. Thanks for commenting on my halloween card. In Vegas with my sister and 4 cousins from the toronto area having a blast. So, no creative time but may visit a couple of scrapshops. Hope you are feeling better.

    Leslee in MT

  16. I really enjoy your collage. Ever cleve to flip it over for another season!


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