Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Triangle Treat Box

I finally got my video up and running today. I had to do 2 takes and many edits. I think that my out takes will make it into another Bloopers :)
Here are all of them I made so far.
Here is the video.

A lot of time was spent in my jeep.
Ashley still had her vertigo, so I had to drive her to work this morning, pick her up for lunch, brought her back to work and then picked her up at the end of the day.
Oh ya, I also drove Kristy to school and then picked her up at the end of her day.
Oh ya, I also brought Heather to Chapters for some more of her graphic novels.

Yup that was my day. I did get a nap in again today :)

Thankful Thursday
1. Naps
2. Naps
3. Getting my video out
4. Naps
5. Getting to stay home all day tomorrow

What are you thankful for today.



  1. Awesome treat boxes! Making things for Halloween is so much fun! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Love these treat boxes, Tracy! Another great tutorial!

  3. Tracy,
    Those treat boxes are too cute! I can't see the tutorial, but hopefully when I get home it will come up. What are you putting in them?

  4. tracy you have done it again. those are way too cute and the video is great! i really have to get busy on my treat bags!!!

  5. Love your videos! You rock!:-)

  6. Really cute! Naps are definitely a good thing.

  7. These are really cute! Should I come knocking on your door this halloween?! :)

  8. haha..naps are something that I'm very grateful for, I seriously get giddy sometimes when I crawl into bed for some much needed afternoon sleeping!

    Those treat boxes are dd is having a Halloween party..I might have to make a few of those!

  9. Love the video and the added band for the hat is a great addition. thanks for sharing this

  10. Wow those are so cool. I miised this when you posted it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi tracy,
    thankful that someone does great videos for us!
    Sorry been so long, been gone, busy, gone. Never home anymore. Just got back from vacation and feel ready to start creating again.
    Many blessings and thanks for the super cute idea. P.S. pass the chocolate. LOL


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