Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilting, supper and a wee bit of a vent.

I stayed home all day :)
Ashley's vertigo was so bad she couldn't walk straight. So she stayed home from work (she said she didn't' want to look like the office drunk). She went to bed last night at 10:00pm and slept until about 11:30am. When she woke up she felt better.

So today I stayed home because Hubby was receiving a package (which was suppose to be here yesterday). He was like a little kid when it came. It was an old Russian gun. I personally don't like guns, but it is a passion of his, so I well let him keep it :)

I got to work on my Halloween wall hanging today. I put the border on and cut the backing. I went to cut the batting and guess what. I didn't have enough. GRRR.
So went out tonight to get some.
So tomorrow I am going to quilt this sucker. I plan on quilting around the tree, moon, vampire girl, pumpkins, ya just about everything. I was planning on adding some Halloween buttons and such, but I think it is to busy to even notice them. I will see.

Hubby and I went out to dinner tonight. We usually go as a family, but tonight he wanted just us. How sweet.
Here is how my children reacted to it.
Ashley: Its about time you guys went on a date. I keep telling you that you guys should go on dates.
Heather: Just you and dad are going.. ME "Well ya, I am his wife". Heather: Well we are his daughters.
Kristy: You guys are going on a date, awwww ever cute.

Oh and a word to the wise. Don't go to Montana's on Tuesday. It is Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays. Now I know why the lady looked at me weird when I told her I didn't want the bar side.
Seriously parents teach your kids some table manners. I am sorry but I sure wanted to slap a few parents. Putting a napkin on your head and your child imitating you isn't cute, you look like an ass. At home maybe, not in a restaurant.
Oh ya and when your kid is taking a screaming fit. Don't turn his highchair away from your table as punishment. The only one that is getting punished is me, as your kid stares at me and screams. Take the tike outside until he cools down. If it interrupts your dinner, tooo damn bad, your the one that decided to have him and raise him wrong.
Ok vent over.
Oh ya and before you get all freaky on me. I have 3 daughters, we have taken them out to dinner since they were weeks old and have NEVER had to take them out of a restaurant for bad behaviour. Actually we got praised about how well behaved our children were. Which I thought was nice,even though all they were doing was eating a meal.
Ok Now vent over.

Here is our city workers at work. LOL, work, if work means 6 guys watching 1 guy work then yup that's what they're doing. There are other workers wondering around trying to look like they are busy. They started this job last year.
Oh this is the other side of the road they still have to do.
Tuesday: So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Didn't wring the dad's neck at Montana's
2. Got a bit of my quilt done
3. Did my walk this morning. Day 2.
4 Didn't have and pop until supper.

Hope your day was a good one and you got some crafting done.



  1. Love the wall hanging!Your construction scene looks like my daily commute to work. No wonder it takes so long for projects to get completed!

  2. That wall hanging is so cute. I thought you said you weren't a quilter. Looks like it to me. I have to tell you I have been watching your videos and have decided I have to get into some embossing because yours are so great. I got my heat gun and embossing powder this weekend. It is really like magic. I can't wait to start a new mini and emboss in it. I ordered some journaling stamps from ebay yesterday. Sorry your night out was disrupted.

  3. Tracy, I have to tell you, I'm cracking up reading your vent today! I always say that kids annoy me, even though I have two of my own. My girls are always well behaved in public too, that's always been our expectation for them. So nice you and your husband had a night out!

  4. Loving your quilt so far! I am glad you got to go on a date with your husband, we all need that sometimes :)

  5. Very cute wall hanging! I totally agree, it is amazing how oblivious some people are to the kid's bad behavior or don't have a clue how to deal with it. Very annoying.

  6. Your halloween panel is super cute!

    You KNOW how I feel about brats in restaurants! HA HA HA!!!

    Hey, does Ashley have crystals in her ears, causing her vertigo? My ex suffered from that, and had to have a had maneuver done every once in awhile to move the crystals.

  7. Cool quilt. I can't wait, going out to dinner on Sat. I feel like its been ages. Hope you had fun.

  8. You are very talented my dear! That quilt is beautiful. Sewing machines are tempermental beasts and I don't think they like me. Hubby does better with them. In the Coast Guard they have to learn to sew so they can fix things which rip and tear on the ship.

    Your story about kids in restaurants is so true! Of course I have a story about this, designed to make you chuckle. My son was three years old, just me and him, single mom stuff. Took him to a local coffee shop for dinner. I reached over and took one of the fries off his plate. Major meltdown!! We are talking MAJOR. All because I took one of his fries. He started to scream and I was mortified. Got the attention of the waitress and asked for the check ASAP. She brought it and I handed her my credit card and said I'd be right back. Took Jacob's hand to slide him out of the booth and he went limp. Finally picked him up, at which time he switched gears and became stiff as a board. I'm carrying him like a platter out of the restaurant. I mean he was stiff. I could have put a few meals across his chest. And he's screaming. Got to the car, put him in his car seat, locked the doors and went back to pay for our food.

    It was January and there was a good bit of snow on the ground. He screamed all the way home and when I got him out of the car, he ran from me. It was nighttime and we had only lived in this house a couple weeks. Not long enough for the neighbors to know me and I'm sure the psycho child routine really impressed them. Jacob is running amuck around the front yard and I'm chasing him. Oh...forgot to mention I had bronchitis at the time. Finally caught him, took him to his room and told him if he knew what was good for him he would stay there. One of those parental moments where you know you need to put some distance between you and the brat...I mean child! Apparently he knew he had better morph back into normal child mode because he stayed in his room. I went to MY room and called my mother. I said "mom, talk me down."

  9. Post from Mrs. Morris cracked me up.:-D I'll have to say that I was fortunate, too in that our son behaved for the most part in restaurants. I honestly can't remember one time that he turned into a demon child when out, but believe me, if he was we would have been outta there!

    Love your quilt! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you've got talent girl!:-)


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