Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Skull Treat Bag.

Well I got to do some of the things I wanted to do on my list today.
I got to do some crafting.
I made this treat holder. It is made with one of those teeny tiny lunch bags. I like this one so much better then the one I made yesterday. Mind you I am going to try to incorporate this with the envelope bag I made, as I know some of you can't get those teeny tiny lunch bags.
I think the next one I do will have a smaller frame as you can't see that I used the bat border punch. Once I make one thing I keep finding ways to tweak it.
I was planning on doing a video on this, but I wasn't feeling up to pare today.

I was fine this morning. Did my book work then drove Heather to work. On the way home all of a sudden I felt drained. Got a major headache, and was so tired. As soon as I stepped into the house I went to bed. I had to, I couldn't stay awake.
Ashley came home for lunch and I was still sleeping. She had lunch by herself as I was still to tired to get up. Wow it was crazy. Ashley came in my room to tell me she was going back to work, and I fell straight to sleep again.
When I finally got up I felt fine, a tad of a headache. It was so weird.

After supper I went in the craft room and made this little cutie, well I guess it isn't really cute, being it has a skull on it, LOL.

Here is to a wonderful Wednesday.



  1. This is such a cute little treat bag!

  2. Very cute! Hope you feel better!

  3. Tracy,
    This is so cute!
    Hope ya feel better

  4. Tracy,
    I love the bag! it is just too cute! You have given me a cute idea on making little treat bags for jacks classmates--thanks!

  5. Tracy,
    Love your bac and the one from yesterday too! They are adorable! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, get better.
    Good luck with the new Jeep!

  6. thanks for following me on my blog! i love ur new car, i just got a new car too!!! super cute blog and love ur creations!

  7. Cute bag! Hope you feel better soon

  8. Adorable little project. Get well soon, chicky!

  9. Gorgeous! I really miss Halloween! Glad to hear you enjoyed the blog candy I sent :)

  10. Super cute as always :)
    Been super busy and falling behind on my blog reading... off to catch up with whats new with you!


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