Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You's

What!! No Halloween projects today?
Nope nadda one. I was drained today not sure what is up with that. Well actually I do, I am just in denial. And no I am not preggy. Oh My God could you imagine? I can't LOL.
Nothing Halloweenie but I did some Thank You cards. I have so many to send out.
I drew out a sketch for this elaborate card and then was going to whip them out assembly line style.
Then I got to thinking. Who am I kidding, I have way to many to send out and most of the recipients aren't crafters and don't care anyway. So I came up with these.
I bought the blank cards from the Michael's $1.50 section and prettied them up.
I also picked up some pretty blue ones, that I will work on tomorrow. Hopefully.
Had to get gas today. Look at the price, it went up. Crazy!! $110.9 a liter, not impressed.

Doesn't the sky look menacing. It cleared up an hour later. I thought we were going to get some heavy rains. But nope.
Ok so onto my day, because I know you are all dying to find out LOL.
I was the taxi again. Only difference is Kristy got a ride to school.
Like I said I was drained today. I took a nap this morning. Ok, it wasn't really a nap. A nap to me is like 15 - 20 mins. I think I slept for over an hour.
I knew I was going to my girlfriend Deb's tonight to make some cards. I was so tired, I napped again tonight. I skipped supper to sneak in a few winks.
Had a good time at Debbie's. She worked on some really cute Christmas cards. She is just starting to heat emboss and loves it.
Well that is it for today. Tomorrow I have the joy of widening our driveway. We did it a few weekends ago, but its not wide enough. Now if hubby would have listened to me the first time we wouldn't have to do it again. When I say we I mean Kristy and I.
Hubby will be hunting, Heather will be working and Ashley is helping her boyfriend with a video project he has for school.
I should just say screw it and craft all day. Now that sounds like a better plan :)


  1. Yep, agree the best plan is craft all day. sorry I have awol but away working so just trying to catch up. thanks for all your comments on my blog

  2. Cute card! I often plan to make a bunch of cards, but get bored doing the same thing over and over. About the naps - my husband is sleeping a bunch these days, mostly due to seasonal allergies. If you have the time, I say just give in!

  3. Hi Tracy! Cute thank yous! Just wanted to let you know that you won the $45 gift card at my blog!!! Congrats! Just email me and I'll get your code to you. You can use it for anything on!

  4. take care of yourself. If napping helps you do that then have a couple a day if needed.

  5. Yeah, that's the thing about thank you cards. Sometimes you need too many...

    That one is really pretty though! I've never seen one with the lines!

  6. Love the thank you card! So nice! I have been napping a lot too. Hmmmm. I wonder if it has anything to do with age perhaps?;-) Oh, wait, I'm talking about me here. Not you!LOL Hope your day goes great!

  7. OMG you even stamped the inside!!! Wow, I think this thanks card simply lovely. $110.0 a liter, is it liquid gold!!! Geesh. :)

  8. Very pretty thank you card!

    Yup - that sky looks menacing. Almost as menacing as those gas prices!


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