Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Balanced month end, now I can play!

Today I spent pretty much of the day working and sleeping.
I did balance, Woohoo. That is such a nice feeling when I balance for month end. Mind you it didn't come easy this month, let me tell you .04 cents can be really frustrating to find sometimes.
This is where I work. On the dinning room table. Yes that is a box of chocolate bars and I do drink my Coke from a jelly jar. Brings me back to my roots LOL.
I did have an office downstairs, but as the girls got older, we thought that Ashley should have her own room, so I gave it up. Plus I like to be near the family when I work.
I am known to work in the living room when we are watching TV. Unfortunately from twisting and turning working on the couch I hurt my back last night. Ashley has the flu. We have her quarantined downstairs in her room. LOL.
She missed work today and wasn't too happy about it. I think she may miss it tomorrow as well. I told her its no use you going to work with the flu. 1. You can't work. 2. No one else there wants you to give it to them.
She slept all day, only to wake up for something to drink. She is now getting body aches and a fever.
I slept a lot today. I feel fine, just wiped out. I took a 2 -3 hour nap! And I could have still slept. I'd sleep for 1 hour wake up, look at the time, OMG I got to get up, and then promptly fall right back asleep. This happened about 3 times. Hopefully if I am catching something I am sleeping it off.

Hubby and I ran out today. I grabbed my coupon and picked up the bags for my Christmas treat bags I am going to be showing some ladies how to make.
I was suppose to pick them up with Sharon tomorrow. We are going out for lunch and a bit of shopping :)

That is all for my day. Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.



  1. I hope you aren't coming down with something & that Ashley is feeling better soon.

  2. Glad you got your work done! Hope Ashley feels better soon and that the rest of you stay healthy!! Now get to your craft room! Lol!

  3. Poor Ashley. Hope she feels better soon! Don't get the ick! :)

  4. With that much paperwork, I think Coke and chocolate is the only way to go. Congrats on being balanced! :)

  5. Chocolate makes everything better! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

  6. Tracy,
    Hope Ashley is feeling better and that you are not getting it.

  7. I have one home sick with the flu and I have a nasty cold myself... It's all going around. I also know how ya feel about working on the couch and hurting your back... Hugs

  8. I hope you don't get sick! Yay for being able to play, though!!!

  9. Hope Ashley feels better soon! I've never had the flu and don't wanta ever know what that's like...I'm sure it's no fun!


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