Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day at our camp/cottage

This morning Hubby wanted to go to our camp/cottage to plow the roads.
That's right I said "this morning", on a Saturday! I like to sleep in on the weekends. Well actually I would like to sleep in every day, but I have to limit it to the weekends.
It is about a 2 hour drive to our camp/cottage. We left at 8:00am, he let me sleep in a bit.
Here is the view of the lake from our deck.
The snow was up to my knees! Well I am only 4' 10" tall so we got maybe 1.5 feet of snow :)

When the birds saw me come on the deck to open the door, they started to fly around waiting for some food. See this little guy in the tree? He is singing "feed me, feed me". This tree is right in front of our door.
So after I shoveled a trail to the ledge, I put out some seed for them.
Now doesn't he look all happy :)
Now look at my excellent photographic skills, LOL.
Ya I know, it was a lucky shot. I have no photographic skills. Plus I don't even think this is the same bird. I did not see any nuthatch this year. Which is odd.
On the way home we went to a small restaurant (truck stop) for a burger and fries. Let me tell you those fries were delish. Funny thing... as we were eating the waitress started mopping up the floor. She even asked a guy to lift his feet as he was eating his lunch. This made me chuckle.
After we came home we went and had a little visit with Hubby's dad and Joy. They have the camp/cottage right beside us. So Hubby had to give his dad the low down on how the plowing went, teehee. Men are so funny.
I didn't get to do anything creative today. Oh wait, yes I did. I crochet a few flowers during our drive.
Hope you got to sleep in today, and got in a bit of creating.


  1. Awesome photos Tracy!! They make me miss the snow.

  2. What a beautiful place for a retreat. Great photos! I scrapbooked today but didn't finish anything, mostly fussed over two pages way too long, but it was fun.

  3. Sounds like fun! I'm always all for sleeping in on the weekends, but we never seem to do it. If I'm lucky, I get a nap to make up for it. I like the bird photos!

  4. Beautiful pictures, we don't have any snow out here in Colorado yet. I like looking at it but I don't like feeling the cold from it :0)

  5. Oh these photos are GORGEOUS!! We are at the beginning of summer over here, so those pics were so nice and cool to look at :)
    Would you believe that my husband and children have never seen real snow?!?!

  6. What a beautiful place! You are truly blessed. The little bird is so cute. :)

  7. Those photo's are stunning! and the snow makes everything look like winter wonderland, brrrr nice to look at but too cold for me, Gary loves it he is certainly a winter person and loves to ski.

  8. love the pictures. i love pitures of wintery scenes! can't wait till we get our first snow fall! hope you have a great sunday!

  9. Tracy,
    What great pictures. The snow looks so
    I love that lil bird
    Thanks for sharing

  10. I love looking at snow from the inside and in pictures. I'm not a fan of being out in the snow though, its too cold. But those pictures are beautiful! What a great shot of te bird. As for sleeping in, its very rare for me, and on the days I actually have the oppurtunity to sleep in, I'm wide awake at the crack of dawn. Go figure.

  11. It looks so peaceful up there!! The top photograph of the trees is breathtaking!

    Can you send some snow down this way! I would really appreciate it!


  12. Your pictures are fabulous! Definately souns like you ate at a "hole in the wall" which means that it must have been fabulous! Great bird pics too!

  13. It just looks like a postcard - that first photo would make a wonderful Christmas card!

    and your daughters sound like my daughters LOL

  14. Love your photo's of the bird, we get allsorts in our garden, always a joy to see.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. Very pretty!Sounds like a good day despite the early start.

  16. Awesome photos, totally scrap worthy!!!!!

  17. What great pics! Sounds like an awesome day, even if you didn't get to sleep later than 8. ;-)

  18. Wowza....that's a shitload of SNOW!

  19. Oh wow! I still can't get over all the snow you have already. The photo's are fantastic! I especially think your "lucky" shot with the little fella about to take flight is really cool. :) Yeah, I'd have to say sleeping in any day is good, but I could deal with 8 too. ;)

  20. This pictures are great! I will love to be near the snow!!!

  21. beautiful, I love pictures of snow. Just keep the real stuff to yourself. LOL It ruins holidays with my kids for me.:(

  22. Wow wow wow! They make me cold just looking at them - but they are so gorgeous. Won't be seeing any snow from my deck in Texas!


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