Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a few pics of the Scrap/craft room.

I just wanted to send a Thank You to Marlene http://disguisedasagrownup.blogspot.com/. She sent me some stamped images. Marlene is the queen of colouring images. Seriously go check her out, you will agree. I am curious about colouring images so she sent me some images to practice on. I don't have Copic or special markers, but I will figure something out.
I thought that I would share some still photo's of my scrap/craft room.
1. I don't have anything to share today, I napped a lot because of my all nighter last night LOL.
2. I really worked on this room and the video to just leave it at that, LOL.
So just humour me and enjoy the pictures, there are many.
I used the dowels from the Embellishment center to hang up my layouts. These are my children who are now 21, 19 and 15. Me and my SIL/friend Sharon on one of your girls trips to Duluth.

I purchased these shelves from IKEA. We don't have an IKEA, the closest on is in the States. So we have to cross the border and drive 6.5 hours to the one near Mall of America. I put special projects that I made on here. And tags, card and vintage mini that fellow YouTuber's and Bloggers sent to me. This is my version of the clip it up. I love to just hang things on here, so I remember what I have. I altered these letters.
My punch storage. One is the over the door shoe pouch and the other are towel holders (again from IKEA). I really do use all those punches.
My embellishment center that is cheap and I don't mean the price. This is $100.00 I used a Micheal's coupon (never purchase anything from there without a coupon) so I got it for $56.00. The paint chips off it so easy. Not worth the money. My Cricut's. I feel bad as I don't use these to their full potential. Under that is my Cuttlebug and dies and embossing folders.
My stamping area. I like that everything is right there at my finger tips.
Christmas stamps on one shelf, all other stamps on the lower shelf. See my Canadian and American beanie side by side :)
Stamps that I like to look at. My dad made those shelves for my daughters when they were younger for their beanie babies. Ya I stole them :)
Some of my paper storage.
Some more of my paper storage and albums. I didn't take a picture of my other rolling cart of paper. It just makes me realize I never need to buy another sheet for the rest of my life. They keep making pretty paper, I can't help myself.
That is about it. I got a call from 2 friends today that want to come by for Friday Night Scrapbooking. One of my friends wants to know if she could bring her friend, who I have met a couple times. Which is great, the more the merrier. So I think we will have to scrap upstairs, as I don't have enough room for everyone in my scrap/craft room. See Hubby I do need to move my scrap/craft room into the rec room. We have a pool table in there and the lighting above it would be perfect for a big Scrapbooking table ;)

Well early to bed for me tonight



  1. love your room. Sounds like fun to have others to scrap with.

  2. your room is awesome! your friday night crops sound like fun--wish i could come and join you!

  3. Ya I know I suck! But I do look everyday;) Love the craft room, so jealous. And that is so nice of M to send you all that stuff. She is the queen at colouring.

  4. Tracy,
    You have a great room and I love the color of it

  5. Love your craft room - great storage ideas!

  6. Love the color in your room--it's so warm and inviting!

  7. Tracy...absolutely LOVE it, love the red on the walls, and all your storage ideas. Very, very cool! Love your beanies!

  8. Forgot to tell you yesterday that I loved your stamping area! The pic today reminded me! I use cheapie Bic Mark Its to color with... There's a video on youtube about using them like copics.

  9. Hey - I hope to see you color some of those stamped images!! ;)

    Your craft room looks so cool! Nice and neat and organized (not that I'd expect anything else from you, the queen of organization).

    I keep forgetting how much more expensive stuff at Michaels is up there than down here. I got my embellishment centers with a coupon, too...but I only paid $35 for each of them. I haven't had any trouble with the paint peeling on them, and they've held up beautifully....luckily!

  10. I'll definitely check out your video..I just have to wait until I get home from work, they block all things video on my work pc...GRRRR.


  11. I love your room! I like how you have a stamping station and I may have to "borrow" your clip it up idea. :)

  12. Wow! It is so organized. It looks great. Love your punch storage.

  13. Wow Tracy! Your scrap room is AWESOME! I have total scrappers envy! I am amazed that you would drive 6.5 hrs for IKEA! You are my hero (and make me feel guilty that I have one 30 min away).

    I totally need to figure out how to steal that punch holder idea from you...if only I had more walls... Have a good night's sleep! You've earned it!

  14. Love your scrap room..I think you need to come organize mine! LOL

  15. Oh I love that hangy-create thing! I need to make myself one of those!

  16. Thanks for sharing you room with us, I did wonder what it would be like and it's a great space and you have so much stuff!!!

  17. Awesome room-I love your punch storage. I have the same embellishment center-I got mine with a coupon too. Gotta love those M's coupons. :)

  18. Wow, you did an AMAZING job with your space! I recognized some of those projects - I have the same things still in their packages waiting for me to do something with them!

    I really need to make better use of my space. I'm so jealous of your organizational layout skills!

  19. WOW! This is some space you have here. No wonder you're so creative! Cleaning up my craft area just moved up WAY high on my list of to-do's. Thanks for sharing!

  20. WOW, what a room!! I´m so jealous. Love your punch storage.
    Greetings from Sweden


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