Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas card #2

I made another Christmas card.
This one is not as bulky so it is easier to mail. Guess I should be thinking of that ;)
I embossed the card front (white) but only about 3/4 of the way so I could still stamp my sentiment.
I don't like to make the same cards for everyone. I know that would be easier, but if you know me, I don't do easy, lol. With this card I could change up the colours. Last year I made about 33 cards, all different, but I would make 3 the same but one in red, blue and green or sometimes purple.
The middle square I used a foam tape to raise it a bit.
I got some more Sharpie's. These ones are a lighter colour. Still not light enough, and no flesh colour. The colours come out darker then the cap lids show.Here is Santa. I thought the grey was to dark to colour in his whole beard.

I coloured the girls face, looks like she was under the tanning lights to long and turned a tad orangey, LOL.
Onto my day:
Took Ashley to the doctor. Her toes and sometimes her feet are sore, tingly, or feel like they are asleep. She had to get some blood work done. Hopefully they figure it out.
Later Heather and I went out and she picked up her computer game she has been waiting for.

I know winter is here because I am starting to hibernate, LOL. Yup like a bear, I take naps, don't want to go out, I would rather stay in the house, where it is nice and warm. And eat comfort food. The sad thing is I haven't lost my winter fat from last year, teehee.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.



  1. I don't like to make the same card over and over, either. About 4 of the same thing is all I can stand to do. Love the classic red and white!

  2. love the card! the embossing on that is so pretty! love the red!

  3. Your card is great! Those images look really cute1

  4. Your colouring is really pretty;) You should get some SU Markers!

  5. I like the latest Christmas Card - I am totally guilty of mass producing cards but I have never made my own Christmas cards. I always *think* I will do it but never actually do. Maybe this year.

  6. You are on it! Still thinking up ideas for cards. I don't send out too many so I'll only have 3 or 4 designs. That's a project for this weekend!

  7. Love the red and white, one of my favorite combos! Your coloring is coming along great too. I think you can buy singles of sharpies and bics at the office store, maybe they would have flesh colors? Hope your daughter is okay.

  8. Love the card. I think the coloring looks great. I am not a fan of mass producing but lately with the number of cards I need, it has been a must. The one thing that makes me feel better is that at least the people don't know each other.

  9. Tracy,
    Love that card, but I can't believe that you make different cards for everyone! I can' do that. I just don't have the time I have to mass produce to some degree anyway.
    But your card is beautiful!

  10. Tracy, love that card! I completely agree with the hibernating thing...I could be completely happy not to leave the house for days at a time!

    Your coloring looks awesome, do you like the sharpie markers??

    OH..and if you get the chance..defintely pick up some Cadbury chocolate! YUMMY! :)

  11. love the holiday card! and i totally hear you on the winter hibernation! i desperately look forward to rainy days so i can just stay inside!

  12. just did a catch up - loving all the cards you have been making. I made most of my chrissy cards after Christmas last year LOL - but I plan to do some more this weekend, then get them written, addressed and posted because most of them go overseas!

  13. Your coloring is AMAZING!!!!!! WOWOOWOWOW!!! GREAT job!!! okay, I'm so so so there about bulky cards. Mailing them is a hassel!!! oh wait... i don't mail cards! LOL!!

  14. I haven't made any cards, but I would think it is more fun to do lots of different ones. I always tend to make things a little more difficult for myself, so I understand.

  15. I never make the same card twice, either. I'd be bored! LOL.

    Keep coloring girl! It's ADDICTIVE, and you're doing great!

  16. I hope Ashley feels better soon. Have you tried a chiropractor? That's helped for me in the past. Good luck.


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