Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Remember

Today is Remembrance Day. There was a wonderful ceremony here in town. Everyone had 2 minutes of silence at 11:00. During that time, we all as a country, thought about all these men and women that fought for our freedom.
Today was a day to honour them.

This is a 2 page layout that I did in honour of a soldier, Mr. Falden. He came to visit Kristy's class when she was in public school. I was so touched by him, that I made this layout. I made a copy for the teacher and for him as well.
These are his medals. But I think the biggest accomplishment is that he returned home safe.
The 1st part of the journaling is the poem "In Flanders Fields". The second is what the children thought and learned from this man
Here is a close up of what the children wrote.
This is my great grandfather, David George Bolam. He came to Canada in 1921 from England.
He was in the Home Guard.
I never got to know him as he passed away before my dad was even born.
Today was a day to honour our soldiers.
What do you do to honour your life?
They fought to make our lives better.
What do you do to make not only your life. but the people you come in contact with a better life. It doesn't take much to make yours, or someone's, day better. Smile at the lady who gives you your coffee, thank your child for picking up their clothes, no matter what it is, it will impact them. Even if it is just for that day.
Thankful Thursday:
1. The men and women who helped make this country what it is.
2. Having my family close to me everyday.
3. Having a warm home, full of love.
4. Working on my organizing of my scrap/craft room.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. What a great layout to make, especially to look back on years from now.

  2. What an awesome layout! Not just the crafty part, but the content too! Very cool!

  3. Great layouts! I am sure the teacher loved having a copy too.

  4. Ooooh, great layout Tracy! Such a neat idea to create a layout like that.
    After 9-11 I felt the need to do something so that I and my children wouldn't forget, so I created a whole book on the subject. I included articles and pictures taken from the internet as well as 'Where were you?' type of accounts from family and close friends.
    It is part of our history and needs to be remembered.

  5. Fantastic post, Tracy. Love the layouts...and the sentiment behind them. Kudos to you, girl!

  6. This is a moving post Tracy! The layout is so meaningful and you are lucky to have a photo of your great grand father :) what a treasure!

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