Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I should leave the colouring to the professionals

Today I thought... I would try my hand at colouring images.
Today I thought... I will leave that up to the ones who know what they are doing, LOL.

Like I mentioned yesterday I received some images from Marlene to practice with.
Now on my defence (and I need one) I don't have Copics or Stamp'n Up markers or special pencils like Prismacolors.
I used Sharpie Markers. I don't have many colours of them, like I said I haven't coloured images before. What I did have was 3 shades of green though. Doesn't that frog look worried "Help me I'm falling", teehee.
I used a aqua pen and ink to do the shading around the image. I think I should have just left them as they were. But I needed some way to hide my imperfections (I coloured outside the line, oops). Then I got my cheater glasses. I stamped the branches on the lady buy. This looks like crap, I shouldn't have stamped it. But it looked better in my head.

A few thing I learned about colouring in images:
1. You need more colours to help you shade.
2. It shows your age, as I needed to get out my cheater glasses to see better. Boy I hate that.
3.You need good light, again that could be the age thing.

I can see why everyone enjoys this so much. It feels like you go back to a simpler time when we coloured in our colouring books. I can see this being relaxing as well. When you get good at it that is.

Today was spent, pretty much doing nothing, LOL.
I replied to all the wonderful women who left a comment on my video on here and on YouTube for my scrap/craft room. Thank you so much for commenting. I really do appreciate and love when you do. Every comment puts a smile on my face.

Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.



  1. awww...they are so cute! I haven't gotten into coloring images yet, and I think I really need to! I do have prisma color pencils that I snagged from my mom, so I guess I really have no excuse. hrm. ;) off to check out your video!

  2. Hi Tracy, I thought the above colored images turned out nice, especially for using sharpies. Good job! I should try coloring in some images. Looks like fun!

  3. Oh those are CUTE! What Mary said - a nice job that you wouldn't know was sharpie! I've been pining for copic markers ever since I "met" Marlene AND Maureen. But I can't justify the expense considering the time that I don't have to devote to hobbies.

  4. Tracy,
    I love the coloring. Mine always seemed to look like a chld did it.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I thought you did a great job coloring! I started with sharpies as well. you did a really great job with them. If you try copics i think you will be addicted. I love them. I have some but not tons. I just stick to colors i know i will use all the time. once again love the work!

  6. Wow! Great job! I'm too embarrassed to show my coloring.:-P

  7. They look really cute to me. It is definitely a lot easier to color with copics. Since I don't have a lot of colors, I have to use Bic Mark its too. I can definitely tell the difference in the way they look.

  8. those look good!

    my mom used to do this.. she tried to get me to do it once. it was when i was 10 and was occupied by other things.

  9. Those look great!!!! I love that frog! Great coloring job!!!

  10. I've never tried coloring stamped images, but I enjoy coloring with my daughter all the time. She is very creative like my husband and me, so it is a lot of fun to have a "art time" at our house where we build things out of play doh or pull out paper and colors :)

  11. I think you did great! Of course I don't have my cheater glasses on either! Lol!

  12. Oh you are too hard on yourself!!!! These turned out GREAT with your Sharpies!!!!! Now here's a suggestion for you if you don't want to go to the expense of getting copics or prismacolor pencils (the latter are pretty cheap, by the way, especially if you get them with a coupon on Michaels)....go buy yourself a simple watercolor paint set. Practice with the watercolors - and use those for your background. Now keep in mind those images were NOT stamped on watercolor paper, so you will have to use a VERY light hand.

    Yup - coloring is FUN!

  13. These are so cute. I think you should be proud of your coloring. :)

  14. I think they came out cute! I usually use colored pencils to color in stamped images. I have a few sharpies too(copics are too expensive for me). I actually prefer the colored pencils, they tend to be a little more forgiving then markers.

  15. Shut up your coloring is fantastic! You are starting to sound like me LOL


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