Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before I had a Scrap/craft room

I have not always had my own place or room to scrapbook in and do my other crafts. I have always done some type of crafting. I stored my supplies in the laundry room in containers. When I started scrapbooking I started with a few tote bags.
Well we all know what happens. We see papers that we love and just "need" to buy for that perfect layout. And if we are smart actually use it right away (guess I'm not that smart LOL).
My girlfriends and I would scrap at my dining room table. So I converted my hutch into scrapbooking central.
As time went on, I found more treasures, and my scrapbooking hutch didn't hold everything. So I converted our front closet into another scrapbooking storage spot. I still used the hutch as well. It was perfect, everything at my fingertips.Now I have my own place to create in. I love it, but I think I am running out of space in there as well ;)
I just thought that I would share my 1st scrapbooking storage area's with you. See you don't need a full room to enjoy your passion. See what you have and work with it, and make it work for the space you have.

On to my day.
Heather had to work today. I think this is the last weekend. Things are slowing down for the season so the men do this in the winter. She usually works outside and today it was snowing as she was working. Too cold for working under these trucks.

Hubby went to the pit to shoot in his gun and target practice with my brother. So he opened everything up for us and moved 2 trucks in the shop. He knew it was going to snow and get cold so he didn't want his baby to get to cold and wet.
Heather and I laughed when we say this.
Doesn't it look like the loader is eating the truck. There is a dump truck behind the loader that hubby parked inside for Heather to grease. Teehee, a closer look, little things amuse me.
On the way home from work this is how the weather was. So not ready for the cold. Actually I hate the cold weather. I am still chilled and it has been 8 hours.
Sharon and Jim came by for cards tonight. We used to play cards almost every weekend when my girls were young. Actually even before the girls were born. When Sharon and Jim left, this is what it looked like outside.
I thought I would share this happy picture with you. As I was pouring my pop tonight I spilled a bit on the counter. Its a heart. See just shows I love my pop and my pop loves me LOL.
Hope your Saturday was a relaxing, creative one :)



  1. THanks for shareing your 1st scrapbooking storage areas...I have some boxes of stuff I took out of my scrapbook closet and have no idea where to put them! I like the hutch idea but I don't have one of those. Hmmm...still thinkin' on what to do :)

  2. Tracy,
    I love your storage ideas but especially love that lil heart your pop made. Too cute
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Snow already, hope we don't get any for some time yet, I have so much blogging to catch up on, off to work away again this week!!

  4. When I first started scrapping, I had to trudge my stuff from a closet in our spare bedroom to the diningroom. Even though I now have a decent-sized "Scraptorium" it seems I never have enough storage.

  5. My Saturday was full of homework! Great picture on the trucks!!!!!!!!!! And I can't believe you guys have snow! Here's it's just beginning to cool down.

    Funny on the pop! Or soda as I call it...

  6. happy to see you as a follower on my blog...I really enjoyed the pics of your stamping spaces...very creative. I started the same using closets...I used to have a reoccurring dream where I would find a secret room in a space I was already living I never knew was there....that I could use for my stamping place! that I have a space I don't have that dream anymore! LOL..I am not ready for the cold either...and we are supposed to get it here today too! The pic of the soda pop heart is too cute....may have been fun as a close-up pic, and used as a background to stamp a sentiment over....

  7. I remember scrapping at my kitchen table and being able to fit all my supplies in one Iris cart!! Now I have an addition on my house...and I can barely open the door!! Time to get in and work at it!

  8. It is funny how we keep outgrowing our art spaces! It seems too early to see snow already but I guess it is November :) This year went by so quick. Stay warm! (also...I love the picture of the loader "eating" the truck -lol!)

  9. Oh my gosh I used to just have a small space to store my scrapbook then I'd have to scrap on the table. I am super lucky to have my own scrapbook room now and somedays I even feel like that's not enough space :)

    I am SO JEALOUS of the snow! It's actually a really nice day today but this weird warm weather we are having makes me think we might be getting rain soon! Which I would be thrilled!

  10. love your first scrap space--i was just talking with hubby last night about how i first started out with a couple of tubs and how it has gotton so big! i too am outgrowing my space so i guess i need to stop buying--right? cant believe the snow--oh no!

  11. I loved looking at your scrap area photos! I went from a super tiny area, to a rather large one and now I've downsized again. This last area is still bigger than my first but I do miss the actual, dedicated space I had before. I like seeing how everyone stores their supplies.

    AND.. I love how you notice all the little things around you. That is so special. :) Never thought I would say this but I'm almost ready for snow. Almost. Might change my mind when it actually happens here.

  12. I started out with a small space just like that too. My how all our times change! No snow here yet, but I'm sure it won't be too much longer. Cracking up at your pop heart!

  13. Great space. I started out with a box of stuff, then went onto a bookshelf, now, I'm onto a corner of our bedroom and my stuff is overflowing from there. Not sure where I'll end up next :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Tracy
    Had to smile when I saw your first scrap areas. I, too, needed more space (so I thought)and I knocked out a wall and extended my space. Now I have to find shelving or something. I am not totally finished the room. This creating thing is creating a monster. lol

  15. I love to look out a freshly fallen snow, but do not like shoveling it or driving in it.:-P Do you think you would mind driving the 500+ miles to organize my scrapspace? I need all the help I can get!

  16. Wow can't believe that you got SNOW!!! It was so beautiful here and warm yesterday and last night! I am not looking forward to the snow season yet :(

  17. AAACK!!! Look at that snow!!!! AAACK!!!!


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