Saturday, November 20, 2010

Card Cupid of the Week, Some Thanks, Colouring and some Visitors

I am so excited I was chosen to be the Card Cupid of the week, Yeah me. Go to this link and you can read about it on their blog.
I received an email earlier in the week from Jade, asking me some questions about myself. Why is it so hard to answer questions about myself. No one is suppose to know me better then me right. Do you have the same problem?

I made a couple more cards tonight. Hubby wanted to watch some movies, so I brought some supplies upstairs and went to work.
I was thinking on adding some stamping on this card but 1. I liked the simplicity of it. 2. All my stamps and ink pads were downstairs and I didn't want to go get them. Lazy? Maybe :)
Here is another one very similar to the first one, but a different colour and I had these stamps and ink up here, so I went with it.
I stayed home all day today:) Now that doesn't happen very often. Hubby wanted me to go out with him, and I was thinking of going because I needed, I mean wanted, some more markers to colour with.
The girls went with him, so he volunteered to get them for me. They are not Copics, still not sure if I am worthy of them, teehee. So he picked me up some Bic Mark Its. He could only find a 12 pack. So still not enough shades. The brown is really dark and there isn't any greys.
So onto my coloured images.
I had to stick with images that didn't need browns.
I don't mind this one. I used some sparkle for the hanging icicles on the tree and some pearl dots for the buttons on the gingerbread man. I like the shading on this one, I did go out of the lines though. Funny thing is I had my cheater glasses on the top of my head and forgot to put them on, LOL. I don't' wear glasses, but I think I maybe I should.
Later in the afternoon we had a few visitors in our yard. There were 3 deer checking out our front yard.
This little guy was hoping to get some treats from us. I know a couple neighbours feed them, which is a big no, no. They are cute, but we don't want to encourage them to come into the city. We do live on the outskirts of town and there is bush and forest all around us, so they will wonder around here. But if you get to close and they feel threatened, they will kick the sh1t out of you. So tonight we are just sitting around enjoying some vampire and zombie movies, just your typical movie night at Tracy and Wayne's house.

Hope you had a wonderful and creative Saturday.



  1. Holy cow - your coloring is getting to be AMAZING already!!! How the heck did you do that in just a few days?!! You go, girl! If you really love to color - you should really consider getting copics. You will be amazed at the blending you can do with them.....of course, you're doing an awesome job with Bics too!

  2. i like the birdy colouring its very cute!!!

    and those deer... im sure if you were out in the country youd be having those deer for supper :)

  3. So pretty, Tracy. Love the the coloring job you did. I think you are worthy of copic. I have heard that they blend really nice. I would love to get some copics, but I cannot afford them. LOL

    Until that day when I can, I will use water color pencils and add a bit of water on a brush. Or I use prisma pencils. Fine for me.

    Funny about your yard with three deer. We had three deer in our driveway, right near our house this evening. My hubby almost hit them. It was dark, so I did not see them. We live in the country thou.

    Take care Tracy and have fun watching movies. I get to do my homework. Joy.


  4. Wow tracy so much to comment on today--fisrt congrats on cupid of the week. second, i totally agree with you. i always have a hard time talking abuot myself. i dont know why either. i just dont like it. third, love the cards. i love the simplicitity of them.just strikinly beautiful! fourth, your coloring is amazing already! i could never get the hang of the Bics. I tried but couldnt do it. and finally love the pictures of the deer!

    have a great sunday!

  5. Congrats! I love the purple cards, I'm in a big purple rut right now. Your coloring is looking fantastic!!! We use to have deer wander like that in our backyard at our old house. I think my husband just wanted to shoot and eat them... Gross.

  6. How neat to have beautiful wildlife wondering around your yard. Great photos to boot! We only get rabbits, tons of them, and an occasional coyote so we have to watch our little dog in that area :0)

  7. I am so showing these pics of the deer to my DH. I misses deer hunting so much. And you are right, they will beat the crap out of you. Love your coloring. I wish I had that talent. I have a hard enough time staying in the lines.:-P I hate answering questions about myself. I wish someone else would answer for me. Or, maybe not.;-) Love your cards and congrats on your winning the Card Cupid award!

  8. WOW! What amazing pics. I love your cards and your coloring is off the hook, great job! Ill be back to see what more creative things youll be making. I found you from scrappy moms stamps comments. Glad I did.

  9. The coloring is looking good Tracy! So I'm not the only one getting visitors huh. :) My hubby and I were watching the muskrats (or maybe otters we're not sure) playing in the pond in our backyard.

  10. OMG Look how good your colouring is! Get some good markers to blend and you'll be blending in no time! But too bad Copics are SOOOOO $$$$ up here:( Oh well, consider what I said in my email;) Love the deer, we have those too. I was getting my boys from the Ridge where they were sledding and a huge deer went bounding in front of us. Keep up with the colouring!!! I can't go back myself now...

  11. OMG look at that snow!!!! We never get snow - at least not enough to mention and we certainly don't get it this early maybe in February (I guess I shouldn't expect much living in Tennessee)? Your coloring looks great! I just bought some copics so I'm still learning to use them but I already want more so unless you are ready to become totally addicted . . . LOL

  12. Congrats of being chosen! Great job on the coloring and love the pictures of the deer. We haven't had any snow yet where I live in the states and I am not in any rush

  13. Cute cards! I love the pictures of the snow and your visitors!


  14. I love the flowers on the thank you cards. And your coloring is great. You are TOTALLY worthy of Copics!

  15. That's awesome! Would be so cool to see deer in my front yard :) And where on earth in Ontario do you live??? It's no where near cold enough for snow for me here near Windsor.

  16. very nice im so loving the deer in the front lawn.... snow wow i miss my snow i'm from NYC.... wow thanks for shsring...

  17. That is really cool that you had deer in your yard, but I understand the not feeding them! It's very scary and dangerous for them to come into the city!! We had a deer show up at my office awhile ago and it was the neatest thing but the deer was really freaked out!


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