Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cards and a loving message...ya right LOL.

Here are a couple cards I made for my aunts.
I only get to see them once a year. So to show them that I still think of them even when we can't see each other often. I sent them each a card.
Isn't it nice to get Happy Mail instead of bills. I should really do this more often.
Actually I got some happy mail today. Marlene from sent me a beautiful card. Isn't it gorgeous. Marlene is one of my blog friends. She is also one of my blog friends that got me interested and encouraged me to start colouring images. You can understand why, with her talent. Guess who put that on the family memo board :)
Guess who changed the message :[Daughter #1. The one I spent 36 hours of labour with, the one who wouldn't leave my side as a baby and toddler (because no one could do anything as good as mommy). The daughter who I haven't missed one of her accomplishments, who we put through college. My 1st born, my daughter, my friend.... Ashley. LOL.
So I put up a message for her, teehee. I meant this in the most loving way.
Yup never a dull moment in this house, always a laugh at someone's expense, teehee.
Hope you Wednesday was a creative one :)


  1. Lol, Of course it was you I was thanking! I didn't actually get around to starting yet since I was helping one of the boys make a card. Long process when you have to supervise :0). Great cards you got done today!

  2. how true is that -- we should send more happy mail! that is a good idea. love the cards you make. your aunts will love them!

  3. You are a hot Mama! I have a blog Award to pass along... go grab it;)

  4. I love happy mail, too! Thanks for the little shout out again. :) Now get coloring, lady! :)

  5. i love happy mail, too. lol Happy thanksgiving!

  6. Happy mail is the best! I'm cracking up at the messages you all left for each other!

  7. What a loving message! Ha! Ha! Too funny!

  8. Sending happy mail is the best reason to craft, isn't it!

  9. so, you're trying to say you're NOT an old hag?


  10. Ha ha love the "loving family" comments left for each other :)


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