Saturday, November 6, 2010

Games my hubby plays

My hubby has always liked to play games with the kids.
Not your normal average games, he likes to make up his own games. Well except he did enjoy "Pretty, Pretty Princess, I have the photo's to prove it, shhhh.
You know the game Scrabble. Well hubby made up the game Scramble.
What he does is he gets all the little ones together throws a few handfuls of change in the air and the kids scramble for change.
Now if you are familiar with Canadian money, this could equal to quite a lot, as our $1.00 and $2.00 are in coin form.
My nephews, nieces and kids loved this game. When the kids got older he would play Guess Who. His take on Guess Who, what he would do would get the kids to guess who was on the $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and yes even a $50.00 (on occasion) dollar bill. If they guessed the correct person they won the money.
After awhile there was no challenge as they knew who was on them all.

Lastly and most recently the game he came up with is The Price is Right. His version is he holds up some money quickly and they have to guess how much money is in his hand. Now don't get excited they don't win the whole wad of money, He will usually give them $20.00.
The only one who has ever won this so far has been Heather.
Now I won't tell you the games he makes up for me ;)

OK onto my day.
Ashley got her hair dyed today. She got it a dark brown, it looks good on her. She looks older to me.
I got into my scrap/craft room. No I didn't get to create, but I did get to tidy up. It took me over a half hour to clean off my desk the other day. Well it took me most of the day, off and on, to clean up the floor. Now I have to do my desk again LOL.
Boy do I have a lot of treasures in there that I forgot I even had.
Hopefully tomorrow I get to organize a bit.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.



  1. Those games sound like fun!!

    Cleaning can sometimes be better than being creative since you do end up finding hidden treasures you've forgotten about :)

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. what fun! sounds like a great time.

    i was cleaning my scrap area too today! I finished making some projects and then it was time to clean. i love it when everything is back in order and ready to start the next project!

  3. I need to clean my scrap area--a purge is very in order! Yeesh!

  4. Your husband sounds like a great guy and I bet the kids love him! Glad you got some of your room cleaned up...finally! LOL!

  5. That reminds me of my grandfather - he used to buy rocks from my brother and me. We would search for pretty rocks if we knew he was coming to visit. And if we said the rock cost a quarter, he would say "Oh no! A quarter is too much! I won't pay more than a dollar for that rock! You see, a dollar is only ONE and a quarter is 25!"

  6. What a great way to teach kids everything from history to money's worth. When you got to The Price is Right I thought it would be a lesson in home economics. LOL! Seems like your husband is as creative as you are. :)

  7. Tracy,
    Your hubby seems like a fantastic guy. I did chuckle about the games for you :)
    What a creative way to spend time with the kids
    Thanks for sharing

  8. It sounds like he does some super fun stuff with the kids!

  9. Great games my dad used to do those kinda games, mmmm I miss him....
    been awol from comments as work is taking over my life, hope to pop back a bit more often x

  10. You guys have entirely too much fun! LOL


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