Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Friendly Giant

I taught Kristy how to make friendship bracelets. I guess they are back in style, or did they even go out?
She is really enjoying herself. She has made everyone in our family one, mine is still in the making. When she asked Wayne what colours he wanted, I thought there is no way this man is going to wear a bracelet.
Hubby is a manly man. You know the type, likes to hunt, fish (you know generally just likes to kill things). Drives a big truck, never wears pink, you get it.
So when he told Kristy the colours he wanted I thought, oh he is just being sweet, he will never wear it. But he put it on and hasn't taken it off since she gave it to him.
It just makes my heart swell with love for this man.

When I went to the quilting store last week something struck me as odd.
They are getting sewers to make pillow cases for the Toys for Tot's campaign. I thought oh I would love to do this, I have lots of extra fabric, I can whip up some and donate them.
So I enquired about it. What you have to do is buy the fabric and pattern kit for $10.00. When you bring in your finished project, your name goes in a draw for a gift basket.
I thought, what you have to purchase a kit to donate. This makes no sense to me. It seems like a marketing ploy for the store.
Now I may be wrong, but if you are going to donate a project I thought that you would use what you have on hand. This is what I did when I knit mitts years ago.
I would rather give the money to that charity instead of this. What are your thoughts? Have you encounter this, is this the norm and I am looking at it all wrong?

Its Tuesday, so what did you do today to make you feel proud?

1. Well I actually worked all day, does that count?
Yup that's about it, how sad is that. LOL



  1. I agree about the charity kits. Same thing happened to me recently, I knit a bunch of hats for a charity sponsored by a yarn store, I used their pattern but used left-over yarn I had at home. When I went to donate them, they told me I had to make the hats using the yarn they sold...bummed! Doesn't seem right.

  2. How sweet that your hubby is wearing your daughter's friendship bracelet!! Give him a big warm teddy bear hug from me!

  3. What a great dad to wear the bracelet she made! The charity kit seems a little bit odd to me. If they are really hoping to give as many pillow cases as they can, it shouldn't matter if you used the kit or not, at least in my opinion.

  4. i loved making friendship bracelets. how fun. too cute that hubby is still wearing his.

  5. Seems like they don't get the whole "charitable" idea at the quilt store.

  6. What a great dad! We have all girls too and I worry about my husband and the amount of estrogen in the house sometimes. Lol! I agree with you on the donation of pillowcases. I would rather donate cash straight to the charity.

  7. That is really sweet of him! And fun that you created those together!

  8. I agree with Jaynee..seems pretty weird to me.

  9. I agree with you about the charity. I can see selling the pattern so they are all the same if that's important for some reason but that's a big IF. But you should be able to use what ever fabric you have around.

    That is very sweet about your DH wearing the friendship bracelet.

  10. Good on your man for doing that... same for my DH a manly man living with a house of all girls oh and one emasculated cat :-) ... back in the day... my DH would even let the girls do his hair - all pretty like :-)

  11. I agree with you on the charity deal as well. I would think they would be happy for any contribution.
    Your husband is so sweet to wear that bracelet....I remember making tons of them when I was younger....hours of creative bliss!

  12. Tracy,
    You're marred to a great man. How sweet f him to wear the bracelet, and most importantly "leave it on"

  13. Your hubby seems so sweet!
    Yeah, that does seem like a marketing ploy on behalf of the store. Not cool >:/

  14. I wish we could get our husbands together for a play date. They sound very much alike. Geoff drives around in his mega-truck with a stuffed white tiger on his dashboard, because Jacob won it for him years ago. It's that tender side that's so endearing.

    I would call Toys For Tots and ask them about making a donation. Sounds like having to buy the kit is only putting money into the store's cash register, unless the $10 goes to TFT (which rarely happens).

  15. I'd skip the kit and make them on your own if you want to.

    I make special pillow cases every year at Christmas with a little iPod pocket on them and donate them to the local Children's Hospital.

    Ten years ago, when our youngest was seriously ill and in the hospital for Christmas, he got to choose a special handmade pillow case from a basket the nurse brought in. His eyes just lit up and he felt pretty special! It also distracted him from the pain for while. He LOVED it.

    He still uses it as a teenager and wants to keep it forever, as it reminds him of the comfort he received from someone he'd never met.

    As a mom who's child got to choose a cool pillow case to comfort him, I can tell you this is a great idea and very well appreciated.

    You use your fabric remnants and donate them to the hospital yourself and the nurses will give you a big hug and thank you for them! Your girls might enjoy helping, too!


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