Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its here to stay.

Sorry no crafty goodies today.
I worked on and off all day. Then I had to put all my paper work together. How much fun did I have....NONE. Well I did phone my LSS to see the price of Copic markers, they sell them for $7.50 a marker. I tried the local art supply store, they sell them for $9.50, but they are 15% off right now, wow what a deal ! Yeah right, lol.

Here are two of my daughters (Heather and Kristy), last weekend from when we got our snowfall.
They made a snow alien, it looks more like a baby snow shrek to me.
The only way I got them to pose for the photo was to tell them I wouldn't put it on Facebook. But guess they forgot I have a blog, teehee. Oh ya and I told them I wouldn't put it on zoom. Well I didn't for this picture, LOL.
This is how I took the other pictures, from a back bedroom window. I took the screen off so I wouldn't get a grid. I just love to watch the girls play in the snow. It doesn't happen very often anymore.
Later in the day the girls and hubby went to Canadian Tire for some new crazy carpets and snow discs to slide down the hill at our cottage. I had so many plans today, they all failed. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck. I have to pick up the stuff for our turkey meal for Sunday. We celebrate the American thanksgiving....well not really, its just my excuse to have another turkey and have my family around :)

Proud Tuesday:

1. Walked or jogged everyday for the last 2 weeks.
2. Made a few cards this week
3. Tidied the house today.
4. Did my paper work.

So what did you do today to make you feel proud?



  1. I got a couple of posts on my blog, a youtube video uploaded and volunteered in 4th grade today. Now I'm a little tired and the caffeine is wearing off finally :0)

  2. Holy Hannah - look at all that WHITE STUFF!!

  3. You got SNOW! WOW, enough to build a cute snowman. how fun! I live is Southern California and we dont get that white stuff here at the beach, but its been getting down to 38 at night which is cooolllddd for us here. hey you never know we may get a freak snow storm, crossing my fingers lol.
    TOday i got all the goodies to make my Thanksgiving day dinner, made some cookies, set the formal table and washed all the dishes and shined all the silverware and cleaned lol..now im just relaxing, hope you have a great day tomorrow and Happy Turkey Day!

  4. Love the snowman! My part of the state doesn't get much snow..once it hits the ground,it's gone...enjoy! :D

    p.s. check out my blog for an award I gave ya!!

  5. We have snow too! Love the card from yesterday!

  6. oh what fun! i love their snowman. i can't wait for our first snow fall!

  7. Ah, every now and again, I do miss the snow - love the photos! Do you have Hobby Lobby in Ontario? They sell them in the art department and do go on sale frequently, plus you can use the 40% off coupons they have online.

  8. And yeah, those markers are SO expensive. I can't really justify if for just a hobby (and I don't even have time for hobbies at the moment), but maybe one day. But Jayne has a good idea - at 40% off, I could have a set of markers in...well...a few years! :-) :-) :-) Actually, I don't even have time to GO to Hobby Lobby these days, so that just shows how much I shouldn't buy any right now.

    I'm proud that I made it through the week! Too much homework, too many bar mitzvah plans, not enough rest! I'm just happy to have made it!!!!!

  9. Fun pictures! Good luck on your copic search. I love mine!

  10. I'm feeling a bit bittersweet about your snow. We had record amounts here last year and I swore I didn't want any this year, but now I'm kind of wanting some, ya know? I know there are some places online you can buy Copics in packs, wonder if they would be any cheaper that way. Might be worth it to buy them that way at first since you don't have any yet?

  11. Oh, it's snow!! I love snow! That's such a fun "snow alien" your beautiful daughters made. :)

  12. I am so jealous of your SNOW!!! Enoy!


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