Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making of the Scrap/Craft Room.

Tomorrow I am going to take you on a tour of my creative space. Yesterday I showed you how I stored my scrapbooking stuff before I had a designated room.
Well today I am going to share with you how I made the room I have now

This space was my wood working area. But as you can imagine, cutting wood makes wood dust and wood slivers. Not something you want in your home. So I moved my woodworking saws and tools to my new Work Shed and started to work on my room. This was done near the end of 2007.
Her I am putting on dry wall compound. I hate this job. Actually I hate sanding this stuff even more.
Because the dry wall had never had a coat of paint on it we had to put on a drywall primer. Don't I look so happy to be getting my own room ;)
I wanted a nice burgundy/red colour. So we had to use a tinted primer on the walls. A little pink for my taste, good thing it was getting covered up.
The floor was just a plain concrete floor. I let the girls decorate it. They had fun.
This is the colour I chose and love. I got tired of painting it though. It took 5 coats to give it a nice coverage. Luckily the room wasn't that big.
Still needs a ceiling and baseboards. Here is the flooring I chose. Notice the skipping ropes on the floor? I used them to figure out where I was going to put my storage units. Later on I used painters tape for a more precise way to figure it out.
Still no ceiling. But the metal bars are up and ready. Ohhh hubby and I didn't have fun with this. If my memory is correct Hubby had a bit of a temper tantrum over this part of the project, I have a nick in my floor for proof, LOL.
Yeah its all done. Just had to put in my storage units and all my treasures. That was the fun part :)
So there you have it. My little red room.

On to my day.
This morning the girls woke up and wanted me to bring McDonald's home for breakfast.
I have been very proud of myself as we have not had any take out all week. The girls said they woke up every hour last night so they wouldn't miss breakfast, LOL. We had a lot of snow last night and Ashley was nervous to drive in it. Ya I caved.

Hubby wanted to go for a country drive. I was going to go as it would have been beautiful. That was until he mentioned that he was going to take his gun, just in case he saw a deer or moose. Plus he was going to plow one of the roads at work.
Nope didn't go. 1. Don't want any part of shooting a deer. 2. Plowing isn't my idea of a fun time.

The Walking Dead is on tonight, Yahoo. We sooo love that show.

Hope your Sunday was a nice one, and you got a bit of creating done today.



  1. You do look happy in that photo! Way too happy for all that work! Five coats - WOW! That's a lot. I always lose interest after the first coat and a half. I just really only want to see what the room looks like and then I'm done. I don't think I could ever last for five coats! Looks like it was worth it though!

  2. You put in a lot of hard work to get your scrap space. That was a lot of paint to get the colour you wanted. I am lucky to have my own space too-it is in the room formerly known as Kirsten's bedroom. I hope you have had a great weekend. Don't like the look of snow--we have it in the mountains here, but not in town.

  3. Gorgeous scrap space! Love the red! Although my arm and shoulder hurts thinking of all the painting you did. Great job! Mmmm now I'm craving McDonald's breakfast.:-P

  4. Gorgeous color on the walls! Great job! Can't wait to see the final result with everything in place.

  5. love your space! cant wait for the tour!

  6. Tracy,
    I love that color red. Cant wait to see the whole room completed

  7. I enjoy the Walking Dead, too! Thank you for always stopping by my blog and commenting! I always read your blog, but am bad at commenting.

  8. That is looking great so far! I can't wait to see your tour! My new room just got painted this weekend! I will be working on it this week!!!

  9. Great looking room! Can't wait to see the next step!!

  10. All the anticipation is killing me! Crazy thing is, that was three years ago! Lol Can't wait for your video, and now I want McDonalds breakfast...

  11. I love that RED! I can't wait to see the video :) The kids and I have been home sick today but I think everyone will be okay tomorrow! Van goes on a trolley ride tour with his class tomorrow and doesn't wanta miss that and I have to go to work and I need the money ;)

  12. I love red rooms too! It took us five coats to get our living room red too! That was five years ago and I am pretty much ready to get rid of it now... I wonder how many coats it will take to cover red?

  13. Oooh, it's shaping up to be a crafty craft room! Red'll get your butt in gear! Heehee!!

    Received your package today - and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!! You sent so many of them!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! xoxoxox

  14. Love the wall color! Looking forward to seeing it next filled with all your stash!


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