Friday, November 5, 2010

My class was a success :)

I taught my class tonight. I had a blast.
The women were so nice and really loved the project we made. One of the women said "Are we really going to make that?" She was impressed I guess, teehee. I thought that was so sweet. They thanked me more than once. I think I can get used to this praise, LOL.
But can you believe I Didn't Take One Picture. I brought my camera, I had every intention of taking a picture with all the ladies and their finished treat bags. It wasn't until I came home that I realized I forgot. I am so ticked at myself!

But I will show you what I did make.
I volunteered to make some cards for Card Cupids, you can check them out here. It is an organization that collects cards for children who are in the hospital that need a little bit of brightness in their day.
Here is my card for Ashlie. Its a waterfall card.
Here is a card for Riley. It is a spinner card.And this one is for Christina. Another waterfall card. I hope these put a smile on their face.I forgot to toast our pumpkin seeds. Ashley tediously cleaned the seeds and separated the guts from them. So I figured I better toast these suckers before they go bad. When I first looked at them I saw a few white strings on them and thought, well I guess she didn't clean them as well as I thought.
Then I grabbed a handful and look what I found.Oh you need a better look?
Yup that's right, they started to sprout. LOL.
Humm I wonder if I plant them inside if they would grow. It was -6C (20F) here today and its just going to get colder, so I don't think that they would grow to well in this weather. We did get some toasted though. I wanted just sea salt on them, but Ashley came home for lunch and wanted seasoning salt and then put a whole whack of spices on them. Actually they were pretty good, a bit spicy for my taste though.
She called them veggie steaks, because she said that she put the same seasoning that hubby marinates his steaks in.

So that is about it for my day.

Planning on getting some stuff in the mail tomorrow, that should have been mailed out months ago, sorry Marlene. And cleaning up my scrap/craft room for its close up ;)
Hope you all had a creative Friday.



  1. I am so glad your class went well :D
    Love the cards!

  2. Beautiful cards! Congrats to a successful class. :)

  3. fantastic cards tracy! the little ones will be so happy to receive them!.

    oh i love toastd pumpkin seeds--jack and i made some when we cleaned our pumpkins. too bad they are all gone now--can't wait till next year!

    glad your class went well-your bags are just so cute!

  4. Tracy,
    I am so glad your first class went well. I love all the cards you made.
    Thanks so much for the link too

  5. Congratulations on your 1st class - sounds like you had fun. Love your cards!

  6. Glad the class went well. Great cards! I am sure they will love them.

  7. I'm baaaack! LOL I'm so happy to hear your class went great. Yes, I've been busy again but things are finally getting under control. I have a friend that just through the guts and seeds out on her front lawn after carving and she had herself a little pumpkin patch come the next fall. She got about 6 or 7 good size pumpkins out of it.

  8. Cute cards! Love the pumpkin sprouts, you'll have lots of pumkins next year :)

  9. You're apologizing to ME? LOL....I still have YOUR package sitting here, too!!! Maybe I really need to get off MY duff!

    Glad to hear your class went so well....of course, I never had any doubts!

  10. I bet your class was great! The kits are awesome.

    I totally get it about forgetting to get the camera out. You get so busy circulating, you forget to take pics. When I teach kids, I hand over the point and shoot get amazing pictures that way.

  11. So glad your class went well! Your cards look great and the kids will love them. Hope cleaning the craft room goes well. That's where I should be instead of sitting on the computer right now! Lol!

  12. Tracy!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I appreciate it :)

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  13. Way to go! Your class sounds awesome. Wish I could've gone too. :) Good luck with the cleaning. My room looks like Auntie Em's farm after to twister hit. :P

  14. The class sounds like fun! And you just reminded me that my gal and I have to make a bunch of cards for a fundraiser!!!!

  15. Love the cards! (That goes without saying) and am so glad the class went great!

  16. So glad your class went great! Sounds like it was too much fun. Great cards. I mailed a few to Card Cupids this weekend. Will post on my blog Monday morning.


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