Friday, November 26, 2010

Some new Thank You's

Friday Night Scrapbooking :)
Tonight I got 3 cards done. Yeah for me.
I don't like to make the same cards, I like to mix it up. But when I do make something I like, I want to make it in every colour.
These cards are similar to the ones last week. But I stamped the the background.
Had to do one in purple.
And one in green. I think the green one is my favourite :)
Onto my Day:
Today was a PD day. So Kristy got to stay home again today, Yahh. So we went for lunch at Cousins (that is a family restaurant). We had Finn pancakes with strawberry sauce, yummy.
Then we went to the new Harry Potter movie. It was pretty good. There was a few slow parts, but it was good.
Why do some people feel the need to text in the movie. Seriously, you pay a good chunk of change to get in the theatre why not enjoy it. I was just about to ask the guy to put his cell phone away, but thankfully he did. I don't really like confrontation. But I will, if I feel a strong need.

I have been working on something exciting for the last little while and am going to share it with you all very soon. It will be worth it to keep an eye out ;)

Hope you Friday was fun and creative.



  1. you should make ashley make me a card lol

  2. love your card! i have to agree with you that the green is also my favorite. love it!

  3. Love the stamped background!!! The blue is my absolute favorite!!!!

  4. Love your cards! I know what you means about people using phone in movies. ugh its distracting. My mom and I went to see that this past monday. We love it too. can't wait for next movie. I'm plannign to buy complete sets of them when they come out. lol

  5. These are great! You can never have too many thank you notes in my opinion. I think I might need a background stamps. :)

  6. great cards Tracy! I think having the same card is great and even better in different colors!

    I saw Harry Potter too..invited my mom, ya know, for some mother/daugther time, and she chomped on ice throughout the movie......UGH. It was all I could do not to grab the cup and throw it across the theater...I love her dearly, but chomping ice during a movie is loud and annoying. So, I can understand your annoyance with the texter guy. sheesh people! Great movie though, even the slow parts!! ;)

  7. Love the cards, chickie!

    I hear you on the texting in movies's one of my biggest pet peeves (and the main reason I wait for a lot of movies to come out in DVD these days.....don't have to worry about texters or chair kickers in my living room!)

  8. Tracy,
    I love all of the cards (can't pic a favorite)

  9. Pretty cards! I think the green one is my favorite.

  10. I'm the only one in my family who hasn't seen the Harry Potter yet! Very pretty cards!!!!!

  11. All of the cards turned out great! The green one is definitely my favorite too :0) I got my December Daily assembly started today, I'm very excited about how it is coming along. I can't wait to show it to you :0)

  12. I like to make my favourite cards in different colours too! These look terrific :)

  13. Gorgeous cards Tracy! I love the purple and blue the best!

  14. Beautiful cards! My mom is nagging me to go see this movie with her and my sister, but I'm too worried some guy will be in there texting and I'll be annoyed. Lol! Just kidding, I need to get to the theater and see this thing!

  15. ok super cute, and simple. I like!!


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